Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Contending against contentment

The ending of one year signals the beginning of another. There are some things we should carry over. Among the most important is our momentum.

Stagnation is the enemy of us all. It is the surety of entropy setting in and reversing the progress we have made. Then, all things are sure to unravel.

If we keep things moving, they cannot be stopped. Inertia is either for or against us. The effort we put forth directly determines what we can accomplish.

Seize every opportunity and hold it fast. Take the initiative, and press towards the goal. In order to remove obstructions, we must face down ourselves.

Be patient as the waves, which incessantly beat against the shore. The obstacles will be washed away. And not by mere force, but through perseverance.

Our actions shall decide the outcome. If you succeed in little, push for more. Contend against contentment, reducing boulders to tiny pebbles.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The holiday spirit

Christmas can be quite the hassle. It takes a great deal of work to make the season bright. In the midst of all this, it is easy to miss the enjoyment.

The holiday spirit gets away from us as we wait in the checkout line. Frustration drowns out the good tidings. We yearn for the misery to be over.

Only through great effort can we overcome our weariness. If we give in, the real meaning will be lost. Then, the holiday will be just another day.

If that were to happen, things would get colder. Never surrender what brings you joy. For the sake of us all, that which is loved must be preserved.

When the shopping is finished, then we can rest. Spend time with family and friends. Sing a few carols and open those gifts so lovingly chosen.

All the toil will fade in the light of your children's eyes. Savor these moments that cannot last. And remember what it truly means to be merry.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dedication and commitment

When you make a commitment, you see it through. Dropping the ball can cost you the game. Weary or not, an honest fight must be to the finish.

Those who cannot handle the responsibility should step aside. What use is one who cannot be counted upon? It is better to fall than fall short.

A heart full of regret is a miserable companion. It is a weight about one's neck, dragging them down. Often, the key to survival is just to keep going.

Some are dedicated when they ought to be committed. Courage means working without a net. The only one who can pick you back up is yourself.

By moving, you build up momentum. That which was potential becomes kinetic. When the energy flows freely, that is when you will see results.

Nothing worthwhile is done without effort. The burdens we bear can be grievous at times. But once you get started, there can be no stopping.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Seize the day

What do you do when an opportunity is presented? The victory belongs to those who seize the day. Hesitate for a moment and all will be lost.

There are few things that hurt as much as a missed chance. Without so much as a hit, it bowls you over. The hardest thing to live with is regret.

Imagine the surprise when the bull is taken by the horns. All the force brought to bear is powerless to stop you. Those around will stand amazed.

We often have the choice to sink or to swim. Many succumb and they end up going under. Only the select few will keep their heads above water.

If success is out of your grasp, it just means you need to reach deeper. Let nothing keep you from what you have earned. The fight is never over.

When opportunity knocks, one must be ready. If you fail, you may never get another chance. But to succeed will serve to silence all the doubters.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dream come true

If your dreams came true, would you know it? We all like to think things should change overnight. But in reality, it would merely be an opportunity.

Many rags to riches stories end up back in rags. What good is it to obtain if you cannot maintain? Success is something you fight to get and to keep.

That which is given can always be taken back. But if you earn something, then it can only be stolen. For it was bought with one's blood, sweat and tears.

Against all odds, means the chances are slim. What happens when your strongest support wavers? Can you show everyone that of which you are made?

What is worth doing is never easy. There are no guarantees that our efforts will amount to anything. Those who long for glory, their longing shall continue.

The ones who deserve better will demonstrate it. Then, it no longer matters what they receive. Their worth will have been established, now and forever.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Shine a light

There is a lot in this world that is disappointing. But we should never sacrifice the positive to point out the negative. The good is here, even now.

Evil stands out like a dark spot on a piece of paper. It is loud and annoying like a barking dog. Good cares without a reason, and beyond such things.

Everything is better because of the few. In the darkness, they shine a light. The wicked flee, lest they be exposed for the nothings they really are.

Hard choices lead to hardened hearts. When the joy is removed, misery takes its place. How can one's belief survive when all seems for naught?

We must do our best to resist the gloom. So long as even one still cares, all is not lost. On the contrary, something wonderful has been found.

It is easy giving up, and we should never give in. Search for those lights shining in the night. Be one yourself: a radiant beacon to show others the way.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Paying the price

There are prices to be paid in life. And the more you pay, the worse your situation becomes. Bad times can lead to worse ones down the road.

That which you count on can let you down. It is a sad fact that good people often suffer. No matter the character, it does not change the treatment.

Doing good does not make anything easy. But it does demonstrate the kind of person you are. And that will resonate far beyond this mortal coil.

We cannot determine whether we live or die. Yet, we can use our lives to establish our worth. It will not go unnoticed, regardless of the outcome.

Those who do well should not expect to be rewarded. Because you care is cause enough. Do not ruin everything by centering it all around yourself.

Live life like it is your only chance. Make the most of every opportunity that is afforded. Some claim to deserve better, and others go out and prove it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Endurance test

When you get knocked down, do you stay there? Or do you get back up and right back into the fight? Life is and always has been a test of endurance.

On the sidelines, criticism comes easy. From the comfort of an armchair, some feel they can lead the team. Hard decisions are made where it is not safe.

To succeed, one must have something to lose. You will struggle most when failure is not an option. For the ramifications can reach far and strike home.

When the enemy plays for keeps, it is no longer a game. Then, you are in a battle for your very survival. The winner lives, and the loser does not.

The clock starts when one is cut to the quick. Every drop that is shed is a grain of sand through the hourglass. Eventually, one's time indeed runs out.

Give it your all, while strength still remains. In the fray, is where one finds their worth. What evil cannot stand are those who refuse to stay down.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The greatest adversary

What is frightening is not how fragile we are, but how resilient. The will to survive is strong. We would rather fight on than ever to succumb.

Knowing what can happen reminds us of what we should be doing. There is not a moment to be lost. As long as we live, the struggle will continue.

Fear brings everything to a halt. It is essential to keep things moving. The ones who think only of escape can never elude their greatest adversary.

To run is to leave others behind. The enemy who treats you poorly, will do worse to your loved ones. Everywhere you go, the guilt will surely follow.

The monster under the bed is hungry. Another in the closet waits to draw you into a final embrace. These things conquer us within and then without.

Let fear exist merely on the surface... just enough to keep you from danger. When it rules, it becomes a tyrant. So make sure that it never forgets its place.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A small world

In the end, the world is not such a big place. It is getting smaller every day. Who would have thought technology could bring everything home?

There is nowhere to run and few spaces to hide. Things are connected in ways they never were before. What one knows, they all could.

This is a time unprecedented. Along with the dangers, opportunities abound. It is like having access to the whole planet, and its many denizens.

We are here now, and the most is still yet to be made. There is so much to sink your teeth into. The ones who take a bite will never go hungry.

Those seeking will find there is a day yet to be seized. Change is grossly overrated. It smacks of control, and leaves inspiration in the dust.

Good is not a popularity contest. It is not what we do but what we are. When the pretentiousness falls away, that is when you see the real person.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trapped inside

Fear is something we all face. We are surrounded by those determined to destroy us. And that which does not kill you can still hurt quite a bit.

It is not surprising that so many lose heart. The deck is stacked in the enemy's favor. But no matter what, one must play the hand they are dealt.

If we let them win, what will be left? Merely a pile of rubble that used to be our hopes and dreams. But now it remains to cause us to stumble.

Pain is not something we should ever embrace. Only in overcoming it do we become stronger. The ones who cannot endure wind up crushed.

Despair can make the most steadfast afraid. Be wary when it is disturbingly quiet. That which lurks in shadows lives to consume desperate hope.

Confront the things that give you pause. Be ready to give your all and then some more. You are not trapped inside with them, but they with you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Losing for winning

Those who expect to be trusted are not worthy. Everything they say and do should be scrutinized. For there is a monster lurking behind their smile.

The wicked sacrifice others to get what they desire. Innocence is just another thing to be exploited. Eternal souls are sold for a mere pittance.

Even when they win, the evil are at a loss. They can do naught but fulfill the purpose of another. When this is accomplished, they are discarded.

They fall, and there are none to mourn them. On the contrary, many rejoice at their demise. It is a sad state when the world is better once you are gone.

Being the thing that is fought against, makes one but an obstacle. Those who overcome leave them behind. The ones who fail are stopped short.

To care is to be more than the sum of one's parts. And such things have a tendency to spread. Darkness fears the sight of the smallest light.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The bold and the reckless

Success is all about knowing when to take risks. The ones who play it safe wind up on the sidelines. The game comes and goes, with or without them.

Recklessness precedes destruction. It might feel good jumping into the den of lions. But the inevitable result is you end up torn limb from limb.

Courage is knowing the danger, yet proceeding anyway. The consequences are clear and present. Because you care, you find the strength to persevere.

There are limitations that we must face. But what we can truly accomplish is amazing. Evil stands abashed, because it is in awe of the capabilities of good.

That is why it strives to intimidate us. It is our own fears which discourage and debilitate. The laughter we hear is but the manic chuckling of the relieved.

We can put the fear in their hearts. Their frustration will be music to our ears. Winning is not everything, so long as we ensure that evil ultimately loses.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

World grown cold

With the change of the seasons, there is a world grown colder. What is loved gives way to that which is desired. We are in danger of losing ourselves.

The thing that is wanted is put before what is needed. Everything else is doomed to fall by the wayside. What we hoped to gain leaves us at a loss.

Our choices determine what we become. We cannot let a few bad decisions define us. If we do not clean up our act, we deserve an existence in filth.

None of this has been set in stone. Let us carve out a future that we can live with. Or else we will merely become the pawns in someone else's game.

If we stop caring, a living world is dead and gone. Nothing will matter when all is for naught. Only a fool would put their life in someone else's hands.

A chill is in the air, but let it not find a way inside. Without the warmth, life is cold comfort. There is no fear of perishing when one is already dead within.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Waging war

To fight evil, you must be willing to wage war. It means fighting with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. They will not hold back, so neither should you.

Learn everything you can about your opponent. Understand what it is they are bringing to the table. And then be ready to turn it around and against them.

The one that sacrifices has already lost. If you cannot prove to be better, then your victory is hollow. It will only mean something to those without meaning.

In a spiritual contest, it all comes down to spirit. Yours will be tested like never before. Resist the desire to lash out, for the wicked love collateral damage.

Failure brings the most dire of consequences. When evil plays, it plays for keeps. What it takes is seldom retrievable, and often the victim of vandalism.

Trounce the darkness, and the world becomes brighter. To be beaten, carries serious ramifications. And the shock waves of defeat will continually sting.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Without knowing

When it comes to knowledge, without having all you do not have any. Once, people proudly proclaimed the world was flat. And they were wrong.

Lack of knowledge is not shameful. Willful ignorance most definitely is. Refusing to acknowledge the obvious denotes a deep-seated fear of the truth.

One's perspective does not change reality. No matter how many people share it, that does not affect what is. We should be wary of the so-called experts.

How often does this narrative change? Those who were dogmatic become the masters of retraction. The foundation they laid is so swiftly exhumed.

We live in extraordinary times, but what we ken has been learned through error. Do not make the mistake of hubris. Admit what you do not know.

The most basic of questions we cannot answer. Such mysteries are yet to be revealed. Fret not, there are few things better than the joy of discovery.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cynically hopeful

Life is best when we hope for better, but prepare for worse. Optimism withers in the face of reality. Yet, pessimism is just another way of giving up.

Most people only care about themselves. They will do anything to get what they want. And if you do not give it to them, they will turn against you.

But there are those who look out for others. When someone is in need,  they are there to lend a hand. The world survives because of people like this.

The hardest truth of all, is that both extremes reside within the individual. To sacrifice the good, is evil. It is the evidence of one's own selfishness.

We must recognize that people care, and that they do not. Just because it hurts, does not mean we should not look. Honesty is always the hard way.

Lies do not a refuge make. See things as they are, and do not turn away. For in the midst of this wicked world, there is still a great deal of good.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Here and now

The future is where our hopes reside, but not where we live. If anything happens then, it is because of what we do now. We must live up to our potential.

Dreams are great for motivation. But if they do not bear fruit, they are without substance. In the end, it is up to the individual to prove their own worth.

Here is where we stake our claim. You have only what can be defended. In a world where canines consume each other, there is no room for trying.

Success can only be won in the here and now. Otherwise, we are left merely with aspirations. And there does come a time when such things expire.

The ones who are great make their opportunities. Nothing is allowed to get in their way. Years later, we still stand in awe of what they accomplished.

Our deeds will prove the value of our words. So, get to the doing with all due haste. Tomorrow will never come, so we must all live for a single day.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Seeing it through

Life can change in a moment. In the instant you are not looking, that is when something will happen. Whether good or bad, we must see it through.

When you are at your best, the worst could transpire. Tragedy strikes, and the agony is palpable. Bad times come and they have brought along friends.

Or your existence could be at its lowest point. You are starting to wonder why you should bother. And a single kind word will brighten your day.

We cannot expect to be happy in a world full of woe. Sometimes when it rains, it most definitely pours. But do not let those drops fall in vain.

Tears are meant for the cleansing of the soul. Do not let them wash all the goodness away. No burden is so heavy it cannot be lifted for the sake of just one.

People hurt one another, it is what they do. But we must never allow it to darken our hearts. For if we do, that is when we will learn what tragedy is.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

No one else

The wicked cannot take over alone. It is the weakness of mere humanity which emboldens them. If the world falls, there will be no one else to blame.

Those who care keep the darkness at bay. When they are gone, all hell will truly break loose. Imagine an existence where might actually makes right.

That chaos does not reign now, is a testament to the strength of the few. Without them, this would be an awful place. When they are gone, it shall be.

Too many will take heed to the sweetness of words. Their hearts are swayed solely by what they desire. Such as this can be taken without a fight.

They rail vehemently against their adversaries, worrying not whom they befriend. The embrace of evil is suffocating. It will take your breath away.

We are still here, and it is not over. All around us, the covetous are bowing and scraping. Yet, in the midst of the idolatrous many, you can be that one.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Through it all

What does it mean to endure? Though battered and broken, you get back up. Evil brings all of its force to bear, but through it all you persevere.

When all is lost, you keep going. Aspersions cast, are tossed aside. Even when your heart is aching, it just steels your determination to never give in.

There is rage, but you keep it all inside. It does not consume, but rather it fuels the resolve not to back down. You may lose, but shall not sacrifice.

Any thoughts of success become mere fantasies. It is not in the cards for you to win. So you do what they do not expect, and just keep on fighting.

Other people could never understand. You did not expect to triumph against your adversaries. But there is one thing you can do: frustrate them.

Make them expend their energies in a futile attempt. Exhaust the mighty, and their victory is hollow. For what they achieved was not worth the cost.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What we have

Anyone who stops caring, never really did. If it is important, you put your ego to the side. No matter how much pain is endured, no one should be sacrificed.

What we think does not matter. Opinions come and go, and give no help at all. We do not know everything, so we are bound to be wrong sometimes.

There is nothing wrong with believing in yourself. However, it should never be done at another's expense. If you are so sure, then you should foot the bill.

Being right does not make you a better person. Villains are often obsessed with the righteousness of their cause. But inside, there truly is nothing to be seen.

It hurts when people do not care. But following suit only tears you up on the inside. If you cannot end the vicious cycle, at least do nothing to perpetuate it.

The reality is we will not always agree. To dwell on such things is to miss the point. When all is said and done, the only thing we really have is each other.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Those who wait

A poem about resilience.

Those who wait

We spend our whole lives waiting;
for what, we do not know.
And what do we have to show,
but years of broken dreams?

Always anticipating,
something better will arise
to fill our weary eyes.
Impossible, it seems.

With energy abating,
can we soldier on
when what we know is gone?
Is despair the theme?

Upon our nerves grating,
the droning of the days
stuck in this malaise
losing all our steam.

Are we contemplating
what happens if we fall,
or do we care at all
for those we leave behind?

All the time spent hating,
fists bang against the past.
Yet it will stand fast,
never us to mind.

With such things stagnating,
what are we to do?
Well, from me to you,
do not be so blind.

This I am here stating:
each day is a chance
for good to advance.
What is lost, we find.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Preceding the dawn

Evil delights in sacrifice. That one's decision could leave another at a loss thrills the wicked to no end. For the power they crave means others will suffer.

Good people do not get what they deserve in this world. They wind up martyrs for all their efforts. It is a sad state of affairs when the best we can do is to die.

Yet, the alternative is a far worse fate. Giving in to the darkness means becoming part of it. At least a hopeless fight means what we are on the inside remains.

Wonderful things can still be accomplished. It starts with people reaping what they have sown. May there be a reckoning for everything done and not done.

The future is uncertain, but the present is staring us in the face. It does not look good, but that is normal. It is the deepest darkness which precedes the dawn.

That we are still fighting means we are not beaten. The enemy has much to fear. They have taken their best shot, and now we will show what we can do.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weight of the world

The most painful blows you do not see coming. Everything seems peaceful, but trouble is brewing. Though the shock may subside, you will not be the same.

When all is lost, we find our true measure. Will we persevere, or crumble beneath the pressure? The answer decides whether we are intact or if we lie broken.

Most will find the point where they cannot go on. Only a few can shoulder the weight of the world and press forward. This is where we prove our mettle.

Who can bear the heat of the crucible? The strong are forged in the fire, while the weak are reduced to puddles of goo. No one can put them together again.

Yet, the survivors do not escape unscathed. Such an ordeal leaves a permanent mark. But the alternative is to give in, and be ground into the dust.

If you stand up, be prepared to fall. But if you refuse to stay down, the wicked are mocked. All of their power cannot avail against one determined to rise.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Digging a hole

How many things have been ruined by someone determined to get what they want? Lust takes over, making men into monsters. Or maybe it reveals them...

Those who get what they desire are still not satisfied. That is because greed does not fill the hole, it just digs it deeper. And then, everyone gets sucked in.

That which we desperately crave will dry up and blow away. What is left will merely be the memory. It is there to remind us of all the time we have wasted.

What shall remain are the bones, with every bit of meat gnawed from them. But the desire will still be there. When there is nothing left, the soul still hungers.

Those who can be bought will sell themselves. And they shall serve as poor sustenance for their wicked masters. But at least their pride is still retained.

This is a world where you win only to lose. Hearts are placed upon the table, only to be swept up like plastic chips. For the odds are always in the house's favor.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Life without bondage

Freedom is not given... you must fight for it. There will always be plenty of people who will try to keep it from you. They cannot be allowed to succeed.

When we enter this world, there are those who will try to control us. As children, we need these constraints. But adults can make their own decisions.

With the ability to choose, comes responsibility for our choices. It is immature to expect others to suffer for what we do. No matter what, we must own it.

If a mistake is made, it is not the end of the world. Rather, it is an opportunity to turn things around. By doing better, we can eventually become better.

Dependence means willingly putting on the chains. And there will be no plans of ever removing them. But every day they will take you for a walk.

To be free from outside control, we must discipline ourselves. Or else the chaos within will take over and hold us fast. Living in bondage is no life at all.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Over and through

What do you do when you come to a mountain? Some will stay where it is safe. But there are those who against all odds will begin the arduous climb.

The real you becomes evident when there is no net. Only then will you discover your actual substance. Pride often precedes quite a precipitous fall.

Those who are reckless will make a wreck of themselves. Foolishness and courage have nothing in common. But there comes a point when both are tested.

One must not choose the hard way, unless there is no other. There are dire consequences for failure. Be mindful of this, and of the decisions you make.

Applause is there to distract and deceive. They encourage you to take your chances just to see what will happen. By surviving you put them to shame.

An honest stand is not taken while the cameras are rolling. In the quiet, we prove our mettle. While not always getting over, we can still make it through.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Liking and believing

If you want to control someone, find out what they want. Hold it like a carrot over their head. It is sad to say that most people are so easily manipulated.

The deception is hard to see through sometimes. After all, it does sound so good. But be sure there are those who will say whatever you want to hear.

It is not enough to like it, you must believe it. For then, you will fight to the death in the defense of a lie. Many shall fall believing themselves martyrs. 

The truth is often unpopular, and it seldom makes you feel good. It can hurt worse than anything else.  Eschewing the back, it goes right for the throat.

Still, lies are not a refuge. They cannot keep one warm and fed. Instead, trusting in perceived safety, you continue on the path that leads to destruction.

See what is there, not what is hoped for. Be wary of those who make grandiose claims. The only thing they will deliver is your head on a platter.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Making a move

It is not what is said but what is done that is important. Words come easy, but they are hollow without actions. Instead of speaking, we must be about doing.

Intentions can only take us so far. So often, they are like dreams never lived. The desire is there, but it ultimately goes nowhere and we remain where we are.

A journey begins by taking a step into the unknown. This should not be taken lightly. For the dangers which lurk around every turn just might take us down.

There is a price to be paid in any worthwhile endeavor. We are not guaranteed to get out of life what we put into it. But do nothing and that shall be received.

A body in motion will keep things moving. Beware of that which would stop you in your tracks. Those who can be halted shall be left in irrelevance.

What we do here determines everything. A single moment is all we really have. Make your move while you can, or suffer the curse of lasting regret.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The difficult path

It is hard to take a stand. Especially when you must do so alone. Those around will not cheer your courage, they will accuse you of stubbornness.

People desire to do things the easy way. But it is determination that makes a champion. Push as hard as you can, and be prepared to push some more.

This difficult path keeps getting rougher. The higher you climb, the more they will try to knock you down. Give in for an instant, and they could win.

Do not cower in the face of their fury. They will sense weakness and then attack. Such do not spare the ones they loathe, and even less those they love.

Cruelty is the only thing that gains their respect. But it ends in the defacing of oneself. What good is their esteem, when it comes at such a high cost?

These shall always want and be found wanting. For there is a gaping hole deep inside. Expect nothing from them and you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Behind the curtain

You cannot believe everything you see. Evil is quite good at putting on a show. But behind the curtain, a different story is playing itself out.

Be wary of anyone saying what you want to hear. People demonstrate who and what they are. Flattering words are but a means to deceive.

To trick someone, you must focus their attention elsewhere. Get them to dwell upon themselves. They will not see what is sneaking up from behind.

There are those utterly lacking in scruples. Poison is oft mixed with honey, else it would be refused. Be careful of that which they offer as drink.

The truth is indeed a bitter pill to swallow. But choosing to believe something does not make it so. Dare to look at that which gives you pause.

This is a dangerous world we live in. It falls to us to rise to the occasion. By facing your fears you just might avoid one vicious stab to the back.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fullness of opinion

People are full of opinions. As if their likes and dislikes mean anything in the final analysis. One must prove themselves before their words will have any weight.

It is better to keep our thoughts under wraps. Otherwise, they could get loose and wreak havoc. It is not what is said that matters, but instead what a person does.

Throughout the ages, we have vexed one another with what we think. So many have died in order to prove another's point. Yet, the world just keeps on turning.

Words have power, and many have used them to make others suffer. It is easy to afflict someone with your perspectives. It is hard to simply maintain one's silence.

When we have something to say, we should be heard. But egotistical gratification edifies none. Make the effort to speak so much less and listen so much more.

Thoughts take root and become inspirations. But if they spawn foolishness, then they must be cut down. Or else they will choke the life out of everything.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bruised egos

People put way too much stock in their feelings. Such things come and go, rarely ever helping anyone. When they get hurt, you end up in a world of pain.

All too often our emotions are simply due to the interaction of chemicals within. Yet, they are treated as sacred. Woe unto any who would give the ego a bruise.

Doing good is important, but feeling good is not. Expressing oneself is a form of catharsis. Take it one step further and purge yourself of these miserable desires.

Moods can change without warning. You were happy and now you are sad. It is a sad state of affairs when human beings are the victims of their own narcissism.

We need to be capable of feeling, but wise in its application. Do what is best, not what puts a smile on your face. Come down from the cloud and live to the fullest.

How we feel does not dictate who we are. The best way to deal with insults is to brush them aside. There is too much to do to worry about what anyone thinks.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Strong foundation

Hearts, like buildings, need a strong foundation. The tallest tower will collapse without one. There are some who live to bring others down to their level.

Those who fail to recognize weaknesses are doomed to succumb to them. The hardest person to face is yourself. One cannot hide from the enemy within.

Some spirits are stronger than others. But even inner strength can grow. It just takes someone determined to stand against the weight of the world.

If you are still swinging, the fight is not over. Take care not to stumble over your own baggage. For the enemy will turn their efforts into keeping you down.

It is quite difficult to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. The ones who cannot will fall. Though bitter tears are shed, the stones will not come back together.

Who can overturn a mountain? Its foundation is deep and secure. The heart also can be unwavering, and when the tempest has passed it shall remain unmoved.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Heart and soul

The harder the work, the sweeter the victory. When you pour your heart and soul into something, good things happen. The strong become even stronger.

Sometimes, we must fight for what we want. The competition will be fierce and there is no guarantee of success. But staying safe assures a place in obscurity.

The struggle is real, and intentions only lead to a very hot place. There are those who speak and those who do. Words only have power if they lead to action.

Fear will relegate you to the sidelines. It is much more fun playing a game than watching one. Physical pain pales in comparison to that of a broken spirit.

The lazy are apt to get plenty of sleep. But they will have nothing to show for their lethargy. This world will continue to turn as if they were never even here.

Supreme effort can yield superior results. What you get out of life is determined by your contribution. Only the best performers can make it to the center stage.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Thought into action

Once your course has been determined, it is time to jump in. A moment's hesitation can lead to a lifetime of regret. The second guess is rarely the best one.

It is important to carefully consider what should be done. Then, you must turn thought into action. The quicker you do, the more likely you are to succeed.

Be wary of losing momentum. It is hard enough to put things in motion. In order to be successful, it is vital to keep everything moving in a positive direction.

There will be those who will do their very best to slow you down. Resist every attempt to do so. It is far too easy for everything to grind to a screeching halt.

The road to nowhere is paved with the best of intentions. If nothing comes of it, a dream is just a waste of time. Air between the ears accomplishes nothing.

Every step forward brings you that much closer. It does not matter how much energy you started with. The race is not over until you cross the finish line.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Closing the distance

It is important to be patient but it is never easy. The desire to do is strong, and the interest in waiting is weak. We must persevere for our wishes to come true.

Little of value can be accomplished overnight. It takes time and determination to see results. If anyone could do it, then it would not be worth doing.

Being forced to wait does not mean we should be idle. There is a great deal that can be done in the meantime. To be successful, one must put in the work.

When your efforts start to bear fruit, the real struggle begins. Now that you have something, it must be nurtured. Things grow or they wither on the vine.

Do not waste precious moments worrying about your chances. That which seemed impossible has been done before. It is up to you to make it happen.

Pursue your dreams, like a predator hunting its prey. Never let them get away. When they look over their shoulder, they will find you closing the distance.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Eyes to see

When you have an opportunity, run with it. The outcome could be just a slight improvement in your situation. Or it might be the means to turn things around.

Seeds are small and seem insignificant. Yet, from a mere acorn comes the mighty oak. It just takes eyes to see what could be and the determination to make it so.

We do not know what will happen, but it is evident what we must do. It is up to us to make this a better world. It starts by carving out for ourselves a better life.

If there are no opportunities, then create your own. Find a need, and be the one who fills it. Many success stories begin with this very simple phrase.

It might look like you are not making progress. Life twists and turns, and the changes appear aimless. That is because real life means working without a net.

There are forces which will bounce us around. Others just might work to our favor. But the only thing we can count on is our desire to make good things better.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Making things right

The best way to learn is by making mistakes. Then, you realize what is wrong and make it right. Those who do not err are not doing anything worthwhile.

People like to point out the failings of others. Perhaps this gives them a sense of superiority. Or maybe they are turning the attention away from themselves.

The ones who succeed do not indulge in excuses. They acknowledge their shortcomings and work to overcome them. People foolishly think they had it easy.

We all have problems that we struggle with. Finding the source of the trouble could mean looking within. A few minor adjustments just might do the trick.

It is not necessary to tear the house down to fix one loose board. Spiritual improvement can actually be quite simple. Do what is best and the answers will come.

We do not know everything, so errors are bound to be made. Still, it is shameful to know better and do the same. Take care lest your failings begin to take root.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mere confidence

Confidence comes from the inside and manifests itself in everything you do. Without it, morale is low. With it, even the impossible can be within reach.

When it is real, it needs no validation. Those who are confident do not feel the need to put others down. They are far too busy getting things done.

Those who can rely on themselves still benefit from help. The world is a cold place when one is alone. It is even colder when we make ourselves thus.

If you put others down, do not be surprised when they do not lift you up. One cannot rise on an inflated ego. Air between the ears is good only for storage.

The arrogant loudly tout their importance. They are not known for accomplishing anything. But they will expend effort to destroy what others have built.

Mere confidence is enough to blaze a path into the unknown. We need only the assurance that success is possible. It gives us the energy to make it happen.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Changing tactics

If what you are doing is not working, do something else. Nothing good comes from persisting with failed notions. Adaptation is key to survival.

When you cease to make progress, adjust your tactics. There are many ways to get from one point to another. Do what will get the desired results.

Sometimes, the solution is just to change one's outlook. Stop beating yourself up for making mistakes. Start learning to turn things to your advantage.

It is best to know how to abound and how to be abased. Life is full of ups and downs. Observe those above you, and you will not be down for long.

To change one's circumstances, it takes action. Pick a direction and start moving that way. Those who stand around complaining will not get anywhere.

There are no shortcuts to achieving success. That which is given still must be maintained. The best solution comes down to hard work and dedication.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dangerous habits

Do not try to take care of anyone if you cannot take care of yourself. All attempts will be met with dismal failure. And others will suffer, as a result.

Adults must be responsible for the things they do. Those who cannot be held accountable cannot be trusted. For the fault will never lie with them.

Mistakes are not the same as failures. Everyone makes the former, but the latter are personal. They come not from a lack of knowing, but a shortage of caring.

We cannot turn back the clock. There is no way to change what has transpired. Still, there is much to learn for those who are willing to take an honest look.

Errors repeated become dangerous habits. They have an effect on everything you do. It will be easy to identify the point where things started to unravel.

When a person can stand, then they can assist others. If these do not listen, it is not your concern. Keep moving ahead, and leave the stubborn behind.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gaining an edge

When it comes to success, you do what is required. Nothing worthwhile has ever been easy. Some are just willing to work that much harder than others.

Those who gave up will be your worst critics. Since they could not do it, you should not even bother. Your triumph will only remind them of their despair.

Use all of the resources at your disposal. Focus on gaining an edge over the competition. They might not be your enemies, but they are your opponents.

Understand what you bring to the table. Be aware of your weaknesses and how you can turn them around. There are a great many ways to get results.

You get out of life what you put into it. Those who take shortcuts tend to wind up lost. The easier the path may seem, the harder the destination will be.

In the midst of it all, never lose sight of who you are. A gain can ultimately be a loss. Those who give up themselves learn how hollow a victory can be.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wishing well

It is easy to confuse what you want for what you need. There are many things we can live without. It does not mean we should deprive ourselves of them.

Desire becomes a problem when it consumes you. If it turns to lust, then it must be abandoned. Otherwise, the thing will convince you of its necessity.

Simply wishing for better provides a goal. With hard work and perseverance it can be achieved. Be careful of your wishes, for they just might come true.

Merely subsisting would be a life of misery. Things can be enjoyed when not at another's expense. That which is earned is much better than what is given.

Those who take, will take everything for granted. What they have will be readily expended. And in the end, the nothing produced will be what is retained.

Be mindful of what you have, knowing it could be easily lost. These are resources to enrich your existence. Their use is a gauge for the life you have lived.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hard choices

Hard choices are a part of life. Sometimes there is no good answer to a given problem. When this happens, you must make a decision and stand by it.

Never rush blindly into anything. Learn as much as you can before deciding on a course of action. Failing to look before you leap can lead to a nasty fall.

If you make a mistake, take ownership of it. Those who blame others only compound their shame. By not taking responsibility, you only make things worse.

To survive, we must be able to take a few punches. Getting knocked down is no excuse for staying there. Stand back up and get yourself back into the fray.

There are many hardships on the way to success. Do not become discouraged if you hit a wall. Obstacles merely exist to be eventually overcome.

It is hard to proceed when you hit a solid object. There are many ways of getting past without going through. Or maybe you just need to hit the right spot.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gift of the heart

Love starts with attraction. Relationships without chemistry tend to be of short duration. There must be something which brings two people together.

Feelings are merely a starting point. Easily they come, and just as readily they depart. For there to be love, you must proceed beyond such things.

It helps when you like to spend time together. The more communication, the closer the bond. If you cannot share words, how can you share other things?

Lovers will not agree on everything. Differences of opinion should not be a cause for strife. If so, then someone is making a play for control.

As with so many things, love takes time. Relationships are not born overnight. When they fall apart, it is because one or both are not doing their part.

Without love, this world would be a lonely place indeed. Cherish the ones who cherish you. The most precious thing you can give someone is your heart.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

More or less

It is the little things which drive you crazy. Seemingly minor matters have a major effect. They are the difference between good and a work of art.

Attention to detail is of vital importance. The one thing overlooked could be essential for success. It might even be a matter of life and death. 

Those who care will put in the effort required. They will scrutinize their work, searching for flaws. Love adds value and its lack does subtract.

No one wants to deal with their mistakes. It is much easier to just sweep them under the rug. But eventually, they will serve to trip you up.

We have only ourselves to blame should we fail to see. Everything is right there before our eyes. The fault is our own if we keep them closed.

What is put into life can be received in return. Do less and your existence will be worth less. Those who do more will find reward beyond measure.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Keeping time

Our time is not unlimited, but the possibilities are. The important thing about life is not to waste it. Do what you can while you can still do it.

The end is unknown, because the story is not finished. Our actions determine how things turn out. We will either get the credit or the blame.

No one can live for you, nor can any stay death's icy touch. Failure is a personal matter. Doing nothing is the means of becoming the same.

Those weary with days will grieve when they stop. That which you put aside just might go undone. Or it could be left in the hands of another.

Who knows when the beating in one's chest will cease? Let it be the metronome that keeps you in time. For there is music yet to be played.

Our lives are a song the heart sings. It cries out to be heard in the darkness of night. Give ear to what it has to say before we reach the final beat.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Road to success

Progress is not always a straight line. We must do different things to achieve our goals. What works is simply what produces the desired results.

There are no shortcuts on the road to success. The correct way might be out of your way. Be willing to take the time and put in the necessary effort.

Giving up is like abandoning your vehicle. One finds themselves stranded on the highway of life. You must either move forward or head back.

When there is momentum, keep moving. Do not let all the distractions keep you from your purpose. The worst thing in the world is to stop.

It is easy to become discouraged when things go wrong. Focus your efforts on making them right. Then, get back on the road once more.

Many are those who give up on their dreams. It is a tragedy to wind up unfulfilled. Especially when the destination could be just around the bend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blazing a trail

You can only force yourself to do something for so long. When the energy fades, a person just burns out. Once this happens, change becomes a necessity.

This is not caused by a lack of will, but a lack of interest. One feels as if their wheels are just spinning. No matter the effort employed, they are going nowhere.

It is not necessary to love what you do. Even if you are trudging along, the bills still get paid. But what happens when a person simply grinds to a halt?

Then, something else must be found. What can be done is limited only by what can be imagined. However, changing direction is not such a simple task.

Following a path is easier than blazing a new trail. We cannot face our fears by remaining where it is safe. Risks are inherent in any worthwhile venture.

The dream is to live doing what we love. It takes a great deal of work to realize what is desired. The burdens will be great, but the satisfaction greater.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A tangled web

What is seen cannot be believed, nor can we trust that which is heard. Deep inside, we know right from wrong. Yet, too much stock is placed in other things.

The truth is unpopular, because it tends to be unpleasant. No one wants to hear about their failures. Still, refusing to listen does not make them go away.

To make progress, you must be willing to see. Opening the eyes can be a frightening prospect. But hiding one's head in the sand leaves the neck unprotected.

The purveyors of lies feed on our desires. They know how to twist things to their own ends. Shine a light, and they will scatter like the vermin they are.

Their behavior is condoned, because it is wanted. People do not like to be found wanting. So, they slay those who dare to reveal what they hide.

It is easy to become entangled in a web of lies. Those sticky strands will hold you fast. The ones who refuse to be alert, will instead be devoured.

Love is

A poem for my beloved.

Love is

Love is not
having everything go your way,
but living every day
like it is the only one.

Love is not
always full of smiles,
but caring all the while
and sacrificing none.

Love is not
just a thing you do,
but something to hold onto
when life has come and gone.

Love is not
shedding tears of pain,
but dancing in the rain
from dark until the dawn.

Love is
there when all else fails,
the wind to fill your sails
to guide you straight and true.

Love is
patience in the storm
to keep you safe and warm,
the hope to see you through.

Love is
more than being loved.
It fits you like a glove,
and fills you deep inside.

Love is
better than the best,
surpasses all the rest,
and cannot be denied.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Beginnings and endings

One year ends and another begins. It is a cycle which has persisted as long as we have. However, it is our actions which give the world its meaning.

This is not just a chunk of rock floating in the ether, It is teeming with life, and full of potential. What we do determines the outcome of everything.

We can start by ending bad habits. If what is done does not make things better, it should be cast aside. Or else it will begin to drag us down.

The future is always out of reach. What has gone before is past. It is what we do here and now which will decide where all of this goes.

 A new year can be a cleaning of the slate. No matter how many times you stop, you can always start again. It is when one quits that it is over.

Each year begins, but it has an end. Another day will dawn, let it not be wasted. If the world is what we make it, then there is a lot of work to do.