Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Knowing our world

People come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes it is for their sake and sometimes for ours. Each is an opportunity to make ourselves better.

Those who are good, are there for support. They encourage the discouraged and comfort the discomforted. The world is a brighter place for their presence.

The evil pose as challenges to be overcome. We learn what not to do and how not to be. Because they darken things, we must shine a light.

Most people are a combination of the two. Though they care, they will afflict you with their problems. Be a good example, by keeping your own house in order.

The world cannot be saved, but it should never be wasted. There are those whose very existence is not for their sake. They fade away once their purpose has been served.

You do not need to like someone to learn from them. Even the worst examples can teach the most valuable lessons. It is from unexpected encounters, that we come to know our world.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Proving grounds

We live for a brief moment, and then return to the dust. Life is nothing to be proud of. Instead, it must be endured.

This world is where we prove ourselves. Are we made of sterner stuff? So many merely wither on the vine.

When all is said and done, will you fail the test? Success is never guaranteed. If you are not willing to put in the work, the outcome is assured.

Self respect cannot be stolen. All deceivers will eventually be found out. Few things are worse than to be exposed as a fraud.

It is here that we decide who we will be. Everything depends on the choices we make. One must be better to deserve more.

Live like your life depends on it. Love like there is no tomorrow. Not a day is assured, so not a one should be wasted.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Houses and homes

There are a group of people you probably know better than you would like to: they are called family. Your parents raise you, and your siblings help knock off the rough edges. You may not always get along, but you will always share a bond.

Life is not so grand. A loving family can pick you up when you have fallen prey to the worst this world has to offer. No matter how far away you stray, there is something special about coming home.

If there is no love, then it is only a house: typically four walls, a ceiling and a floor. Empty hearts make empty hearths. Everything that enters through such a door dies a little bit each day.

Siblings do not always see eye to eye, and this is because there are different pairs of eyes. Regardless of any semblance, children are individuals. They will be what they will be, and any attempt to change this can only meet with dismal failure.

Good parents raise good children. The little ones learn from the example of those who are bigger. If the progeny strays, then it is the responsibility of their mother and father to set them back on the right path.

Naturally, human beings do not enter this world alone. Ideally, they do not live their lives in solitude. Family is a group of people together, facing all of life's problems and sharing all of its joys... together.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A thankless task

Caring about people can be emotionally exhausting. Their indifference only makes it more difficult. Appreciation comes in small doses, and you must savor every bit.

It is easy to find those who do not care. Take a short walk, and you will trip over several. So, it is important to be one of the few who do.

This means doing things that are unpleasant. We must endure the inconvenience. For to do otherwise, makes us part of the problem.

Caring is a thankless task. But if done for praise, it is already invalidated. You must do it, expecting nothing in return.

Some will see and respond in kind. The evil are not worth bothering with. Leave them to the company of their apathy.

If the whole world cared, it would be a paradise. Learn a lesson from this: indifference sucks the life out of everything. Good nurtures the seeds to produce a bountiful crop.