Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Winnowing Way

A poem about loss and gain.

The Winnowing Way

As the wind blows,
each secret shows.
What was hidden
is made manifest.

What did we sow?
What did we grow?
Have we been cursed,
or are we blessed?

Touched by the breeze,
blown through the trees.
Not what we sought,
we have received.

Shells come away,
dropped to decay.
Pests tossed as well,
grant us reprieve.

How have we erred,
lost in the air?
Were these pieces
not parts of us?

Cruelly they fall,
tumbling all,
onto the ground
without a fuss.

What is revealed,
fit for a meal,
it is the grain
that was contained.

Were it not tossed,
this would be lost.
For every gain,
there is a loss.

What do we mourn?
Why be forlorn?
It was the husk
hiding the corn.

Naught did we waste,
now we can taste.
What was concealed,
now we embrace.

These are the things,
each season brings.
Showers will fall,
upon us all.

What will be grown,
shall be made known.
For questions asked,
we will be shown.

As the wind blows,
each secret shows.
Soft it arrives,
swiftly it goes.

What will we sow?
What will we grow?
All of our deeds
one day will show.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Beyond the grasp

There are occasions to look back. You evaluate what was done, and what can be done better. Nothing will trip one up like than their own missteps.

Once the path is clear, it is necessary to move forward. While you are progressing is not the time for a second guess. It is too easy to lose momentum.

Focus on your objective, and advance steadily towards it. If you stumble, just keep going. Nothing can stop someone who refuses to be kept down.

When your course has been set, do not deviate from it. Often, our own doubts and misgivings obstruct us. There will always be a reason to halt.

That is when you should break into a run. If others are trying to prevent you, prevent them. No matter how far they reach, stay well beyond their grasp.

This is a world that likes to take. And it does not deal kindly with what it grabs. Give them the fight of their lives, and all they will take is a beating.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Life goes by

It is the thing which waits for no man. We all burn within these flames. And since it eventually runs out, you will never have enough: time.

We are both fascinated and intimidated, knowing that one day will come. And then, everything stops. Existence takes on a whole new meaning.

How we spend what we have determines everything. Will these precious hours be squandered? Or will we live each moment to the fullest?

The time which is lost you cannot get back. However, if it is invested wonderful things can be accomplished. Do not let them pass you by.

Cherish each breath, as if it might be your last. Our lives go by so swiftly, and yet so surely. The end of one is like the snuffing out of a candle. 

That we are still here, means there is work to do. There is a great distance left to traverse. After all, the journey of our lives has only just begun.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Contending against contentment

The ending of one year signals the beginning of another. There are some things we should carry over. Among the most important is our momentum.

Stagnation is the enemy of us all. It is the surety of entropy setting in and reversing the progress we have made. Then, all things are sure to unravel.

If we keep things moving, they cannot be stopped. Inertia is either for or against us. The effort we put forth directly determines what we can accomplish.

Seize every opportunity and hold it fast. Take the initiative, and press towards the goal. In order to remove obstructions, we must face down ourselves.

Be patient as the waves, which incessantly beat against the shore. The obstacles will be washed away. And not by mere force, but through perseverance.

Our actions shall decide the outcome. If you succeed in little, push for more. Contend against contentment, reducing boulders to tiny pebbles.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The holiday spirit

Christmas can be quite the hassle. It takes a great deal of work to make the season bright. In the midst of all this, it is easy to miss the enjoyment.

The holiday spirit gets away from us as we wait in the checkout line. Frustration drowns out the good tidings. We yearn for the misery to be over.

Only through great effort can we overcome our weariness. If we give in, the real meaning will be lost. Then, the holiday will be just another day.

If that were to happen, things would get colder. Never surrender what brings you joy. For the sake of us all, that which is loved must be preserved.

When the shopping is finished, then we can rest. Spend time with family and friends. Sing a few carols and open those gifts so lovingly chosen.

All the toil will fade in the light of your children's eyes. Savor these moments that cannot last. And remember what it truly means to be merry.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dedication and commitment

When you make a commitment, you see it through. Dropping the ball can cost you the game. Weary or not, an honest fight must be to the finish.

Those who cannot handle the responsibility should step aside. What use is one who cannot be counted upon? It is better to fall than fall short.

A heart full of regret is a miserable companion. It is a weight about one's neck, dragging them down. Often, the key to survival is just to keep going.

Some are dedicated when they ought to be committed. Courage means working without a net. The only one who can pick you back up is yourself.

By moving, you build up momentum. That which was potential becomes kinetic. When the energy flows freely, that is when you will see results.

Nothing worthwhile is done without effort. The burdens we bear can be grievous at times. But once you get started, there can be no stopping.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Seize the day

What do you do when an opportunity is presented? The victory belongs to those who seize the day. Hesitate for a moment and all will be lost.

There are few things that hurt as much as a missed chance. Without so much as a hit, it bowls you over. The hardest thing to live with is regret.

Imagine the surprise when the bull is taken by the horns. All the force brought to bear is powerless to stop you. Those around will stand amazed.

We often have the choice to sink or to swim. Many succumb and they end up going under. Only the select few will keep their heads above water.

If success is out of your grasp, it just means you need to reach deeper. Let nothing keep you from what you have earned. The fight is never over.

When opportunity knocks, one must be ready. If you fail, you may never get another chance. But to succeed will serve to silence all the doubters.