Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Acquitting ourselves

What we think does not change what is. Without all knowledge, you cannot trust the little you have. Think of all the many times we have been wrong.

It takes courage to venture into the unknown. Learn all you can, but understand it is only a piece of a bigger picture. For our lives are part of the story.

The things we do are designs on the tapestry of reality. Take care, for you do not know the effect that you have. The next generation is there watching.

Will we acquit ourselves well or poorly? It is in our hands to do good or ill. However, it is our hearts that will ultimately decide which one it shall be.

Take each day as it presents itself. Fret not the past, for the time has gone by. It is in this moment we should live, and make it better than ever before.

While you tread the earth, walk with purpose. We are responsible for how it turns out. May each step be ever onward, climbing upward, never ceasing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ideas and reality

There is a difference between having an idea and making it a reality. Notions come quite readily. The real challenge is in making things happen.

If you wish to be successful, be prepared for a long haul. So many are competing for the prize. It is not enough to be good, you must be better.

Vision gets you moving in a direction. Resilience will keep you going when things get rough. The combination of the two can lead to success.

Those easily discouraged need not apply. In such an arduous climb, there are many cuts and scrapes. If you give up easily, just give in now.

What may seem to be a shortcut, could be a dead end. There is no substitute for hard work. At the end of the day, you will have something to show.

Ideas are what get you started. The hard part is in bringing what is between your ears to life. That takes a game plan, and the ability to adapt.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Taking a risk

A chance is merely a possibility. It does not mean you will have anything to show for your efforts. What we do with our chances determines all.

Nothing worthwhile occurs by happenstance. It takes effort to realize one's potential. Without energy, the noblest of intentions will inevitably fall flat.

Taking a risk, means you could fail. There is also a chance of success. Defeat could mean a grievous loss, while victory can make it all worthwhile.

If you go out on a limb, it might not sustain your weight. The splintering of wood can herald the breaking of bones. The consequences are real.

Those who play it safe will have their health and little else. Courage does not mean you are not afraid. Rather one faces their fear, and presses on.

Take too many chances, and it could be your doom. It is important to pick the best time to strike. And when you make your move, hold nothing back.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Patience and perseverance

It takes a lot of patience to see something through to the end. It is easy to talk, and much harder to take action. But only one will get things done.

A great city takes more than a day to be built. To have a legacy, one must have accomplishments. Neither of these is going to happen overnight.

Sometimes, the best you can do is to maintain. And that can be incredibly frustrating to your enemies. For it makes an utter mockery of all their might.

Focus on the goal and do not deviate from it. There are many distractions, so tune them all out. Your eyes will be needed to see where you are going.

Keep an ear to the ground, listening for the approach of an opportunity. Be ready to seize it when it comes into view. Use it to realize your dreams.

Those who want will be found wanting. It is not enough to desire, you must persevere. Be prepared for when that awaited moment finally arrives.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The best teacher

As the years go by, I am reminded that what does not last remains in the past. So many things fall by the wayside. What is important is what endures.

Wounds can be healed with the passage of time. Even the deepest of pains has a tendency to diminish. And one day it has dwindled to but a memory.

It does no good to dwell on our mistakes. Learn from them, and then just keep going. Fixating on such things merely leaves us in a fixed position.

If we lose our momentum, we will return to bad habits. The clock turns back for a repeat performance. This one will be no better than the last.

As teachers go, experience is the best. You have already seen how the story will end. But it is not finished until the final chapter has been written.

Our every day adds another page. Life does love its tragedies, but hopes for better. And a triumph is there somewhere waiting for someone to earn it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Making a difference

One's greatest opponent is their self. The most wicked acts are born of selfishness. People will sacrifice anyone just to get what they want.

The selfless end up serving those who are not. They become the pawns in someone else's game. And just like in chess, they are readily expended.

Look out for others, but not to your own exclusion. We learn to care by caring about ourselves. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

In a world that takes, be the one who gives. Let your every moment be a blessing to those around you. In a sea of sameness, make a difference.

You may never know what effect you have. Some will see it, and some will turn away. Creatures of darkness cannot stand the shining of a light.

It is through our own eyes that we see the world. An honest heart will behold it clearly. Use that vision to make things better than you know.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hearing the song

There are things we do just because we love to do them. Somehow, they become a part of us. Even when the music ends, we still hear the song.

Obstacles are put in our path, some that seem insurmountable. Yet, our passions push us to overcome. And then, we get past what is in our way.

It is not through vainglory that we attempt to do the impossible. Something deeper inspires us to persevere. That is why we cannot be stopped.

Money and power will only take you so far. Once they are attained, the victory will ring hollow. For such things cannot motivate one to endure.

Often, success is the prelude to despair. When what one wants fails to satisfy, what is left? You only really have what you have brought with you.

Passion is like the mythical bird, constantly returning from the ashes. To fly, you need only to spread your wings. Up in the clouds, one soars free.