Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A tangled web

What is seen cannot be believed, nor can we trust that which is heard. Deep inside, we know right from wrong. Yet, too much stock is placed in other things.

The truth is unpopular, because it tends to be unpleasant. No one wants to hear about their failures. Still, refusing to listen does not make them go away.

To make progress, you must be willing to see. Opening the eyes can be a frightening prospect. But hiding one's head in the sand leaves the neck unprotected.

The purveyors of lies feed on our desires. They know how to twist things to their own ends. Shine a light, and they will scatter like the vermin they are.

Their behavior is condoned, because it is wanted. People do not like to be found wanting. So, they slay those who dare to reveal what they hide.

It is easy to become entangled in a web of lies. Those sticky strands will hold you fast. The ones who refuse to be alert, will instead be devoured.

Love is

A poem for my beloved.

Love is

Love is not
having everything go your way,
but living every day
like it is the only one.

Love is not
always full of smiles,
but caring all the while
and sacrificing none.

Love is not
just a thing you do,
but something to hold onto
when life has come and gone.

Love is not
shedding tears of pain,
but dancing in the rain
from dark until the dawn.

Love is
there when all else fails,
the wind to fill your sails
to guide you straight and true.

Love is
patience in the storm
to keep you safe and warm,
the hope to see you through.

Love is
more than being loved.
It fits you like a glove,
and fills you deep inside.

Love is
better than the best,
surpasses all the rest,
and cannot be denied.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Beginnings and endings

One year ends and another begins. It is a cycle which has persisted as long as we have. However, it is our actions which give the world its meaning.

This is not just a chunk of rock floating in the ether, It is teeming with life, and full of potential. What we do determines the outcome of everything.

We can start by ending bad habits. If what is done does not make things better, it should be cast aside. Or else it will begin to drag us down.

The future is always out of reach. What has gone before is past. It is what we do here and now which will decide where all of this goes.

 A new year can be a cleaning of the slate. No matter how many times you stop, you can always start again. It is when one quits that it is over.

Each year begins, but it has an end. Another day will dawn, let it not be wasted. If the world is what we make it, then there is a lot of work to do.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Important things

There are so many things in life that are not important. We continually obsess over the most trivial of matters. Try as we may, no one can choose what is relevant.

People who care put their opinions to the side. They realize no two people will agree on everything. Good and evil are not determined by a committee.

What we like is personal to us, and others might not share our interests. Quality is not subjective. However, perspectives are such by nature.

Those who love power have a deep desire for control. Other people are merely a resource. Hypocritically, they deem themselves essential.

You can stand for something without trampling everyone else. There are things in life worth fighting for. Yet, they do not exist between our ears.

Doing good is important... being right is not. One will improve everything, and the other is the height of vanity. The distinction is not a matter of opinion.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Spreading good cheer

Christmas is the most hectic time of the year. There are gifts to buy, cards to write and food to prepare. If we do not slow down, it will pass us by.

Holiday happiness is all around. People smile at their neighbors and greet those they do not know. Carolers proceed from house to house, spreading good cheer.

We cannot let the things we need to do keep us from experiencing the joy of the season. It comes but once a year. Let us savor this time while it lasts.

Getting ready for the day can be quite an ordeal. But there are moments in between which should not be missed. Otherwise, the occasion has lost its meaning.

Look into the eyes of a child to recapture the excitement of days gone by. Everything is fun and frolic. Though adults, we have not grown out of this.

Spread love and joy both far and wide. Keep a warm heart for the cold days to come. Never forget the way it feels to open your eyes on Christmas Day.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Setting goals

To achieve anything in life, it is wise to set goals. Determine what you intend to do, and the steps necessary to be successful. Those who fly blind tend to crash.

Keep it simple if you want to see results. Being unrealistic means the dream will not exist outside of you. The fantasy always pales next to an actual experience.

When doing anything, it helps to have a plan. However, you need to adapt to changing circumstances. There is no formula for success, but there are guidelines.

If you can give up, then do so before starting. The shame is in not finishing what you have begun. If the whole heart is not in it, expect to only reach halfway.

Those who are successful make the best examples. Use what they did to plot your course. If you cannot follow the same steps, they can still serve as inspiration.

It takes awhile to get moving, and then you will pick up speed. Just keep pouring all of your energy into the task. Soon you will be racing to your destination.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rising above

Worrying does not make anything better. Instead, it makes a bad situation seem even worse. By focusing on what is going wrong, you neglect what is going right.

It is easy to imagine a molehill into a mountain. Just give your fear free reign, and it will run amok. But things tend not to be as bad as they might appear.

Even when things look grim, worry will paint you into a quagmire. The energy will be lacking to soldier on. And you will succumb to your own despair.

A real tragedy cuts deeper than our anxiety. Things will never feel as bad as we think they are. Still, actual pain has substance which makes its existence clear.

Putting on a happy face is fake. Still, you can refuse to contribute to your miserable state. Let the fear stand in the corner, while it shouts its dire predictions.

Bad things will come and we must be ready. Good things will come and we must cherish them. Bringing yourself down will only prevent you from rising above.