Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Seeing it through

Life can change in a moment. In the instant you are not looking, that is when something will happen. Whether good or bad, we must see it through.

When you are at your best, the worst could transpire. Tragedy strikes, and the agony is palpable. Bad times come and they have brought along friends.

Or your existence could be at its lowest point. You are starting to wonder why you should bother. And a single kind word will brighten your day.

We cannot expect to be happy in a world full of woe. Sometimes when it rains, it most definitely pours. But do not let those drops fall in vain.

Tears are meant for the cleansing of the soul. Do not let them wash all the goodness away. No burden is so heavy it cannot be lifted for the sake of just one.

People hurt one another, it is what they do. But we must never allow it to darken our hearts. For if we do, that is when we will learn what tragedy is.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

No one else

The wicked cannot take over alone. It is the weakness of mere humanity which emboldens them. If the world falls, there will be no one else to blame.

Those who care keep the darkness at bay. When they are gone, all hell will truly break loose. Imagine an existence where might actually makes right.

That chaos does not reign now, is a testament to the strength of the few. Without them, this would be an awful place. When they are gone, it shall be.

Too many will take heed to the sweetness of words. Their hearts are swayed solely by what they desire. Such as this can be taken without a fight.

They rail vehemently against their adversaries, worrying not whom they befriend. The embrace of evil is suffocating. It will take your breath away.

We are still here, and it is not over. All around us, the covetous are bowing and scraping. Yet, in the midst of the idolatrous many, you can be that one.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Through it all

What does it mean to endure? Though battered and broken, you get back up. Evil brings all of its force to bear, but through it all you persevere.

When all is lost, you keep going. Aspersions cast, are tossed aside. Even when your heart is aching, it just steels your determination to never give in.

There is rage, but you keep it all inside. It does not consume, but rather it fuels the resolve not to back down. You may lose, but shall not sacrifice.

Any thoughts of success become mere fantasies. It is not in the cards for you to win. So you do what they do not expect, and just keep on fighting.

Other people could never understand. You did not expect to triumph against your adversaries. But there is one thing you can do: frustrate them.

Make them expend their energies in a futile attempt. Exhaust the mighty, and their victory is hollow. For what they achieved was not worth the cost.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What we have

Anyone who stops caring, never really did. If it is important, you put your ego to the side. No matter how much pain is endured, no one should be sacrificed.

What we think does not matter. Opinions come and go, and give no help at all. We do not know everything, so we are bound to be wrong sometimes.

There is nothing wrong with believing in yourself. However, it should never be done at another's expense. If you are so sure, then you should foot the bill.

Being right does not make you a better person. Villains are often obsessed with the righteousness of their cause. But inside, there truly is nothing to be seen.

It hurts when people do not care. But following suit only tears you up on the inside. If you cannot end the vicious cycle, at least do nothing to perpetuate it.

The reality is we will not always agree. To dwell on such things is to miss the point. When all is said and done, the only thing we really have is each other.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Those who wait

A poem about resilience.

Those who wait

We spend our whole lives waiting;
for what, we do not know.
And what do we have to show,
but years of broken dreams?

Always anticipating,
something better will arise
to fill our weary eyes.
Impossible, it seems.

With energy abating,
can we soldier on
when what we know is gone?
Is despair the theme?

Upon our nerves grating,
the droning of the days
stuck in this malaise
losing all our steam.

Are we contemplating
what happens if we fall,
or do we care at all
for those we leave behind?

All the time spent hating,
fists bang against the past.
Yet it will stand fast,
never us to mind.

With such things stagnating,
what are we to do?
Well, from me to you,
do not be so blind.

This I am here stating:
each day is a chance
for good to advance.
What is lost, we find.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Preceding the dawn

Evil delights in sacrifice. That one's decision could leave another at a loss thrills the wicked to no end. For the power they crave means others will suffer.

Good people do not get what they deserve in this world. They wind up martyrs for all their efforts. It is a sad state of affairs when the best we can do is to die.

Yet, the alternative is a far worse fate. Giving in to the darkness means becoming part of it. At least a hopeless fight means what we are on the inside remains.

Wonderful things can still be accomplished. It starts with people reaping what they have sown. May there be a reckoning for everything done and not done.

The future is uncertain, but the present is staring us in the face. It does not look good, but that is normal. It is the deepest darkness which precedes the dawn.

That we are still fighting means we are not beaten. The enemy has much to fear. They have taken their best shot, and now we will show what we can do.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weight of the world

The most painful blows you do not see coming. Everything seems peaceful, but trouble is brewing. Though the shock may subside, you will not be the same.

When all is lost, we find our true measure. Will we persevere, or crumble beneath the pressure? The answer decides whether we are intact or if we lie broken.

Most will find the point where they cannot go on. Only a few can shoulder the weight of the world and press forward. This is where we prove our mettle.

Who can bear the heat of the crucible? The strong are forged in the fire, while the weak are reduced to puddles of goo. No one can put them together again.

Yet, the survivors do not escape unscathed. Such an ordeal leaves a permanent mark. But the alternative is to give in, and be ground into the dust.

If you stand up, be prepared to fall. But if you refuse to stay down, the wicked are mocked. All of their power cannot avail against one determined to rise.