Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Liking and believing

If you want to control someone, find out what they want. Hold it like a carrot over their head. It is sad to say that most people are so easily manipulated.

The deception is hard to see through sometimes. After all, it does sound so good. But be sure there are those who will say whatever you want to hear.

It is not enough to like it, you must believe it. For then, you will fight to the death in the defense of a lie. Many shall fall believing themselves martyrs. 

The truth is often unpopular, and it seldom makes you feel good. It can hurt worse than anything else.  Eschewing the back, it goes right for the throat.

Still, lies are not a refuge. They cannot keep one warm and fed. Instead, trusting in perceived safety, you continue on the path that leads to destruction.

See what is there, not what is hoped for. Be wary of those who make grandiose claims. The only thing they will deliver is your head on a platter.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Making a move

It is not what is said but what is done that is important. Words come easy, but they are hollow without actions. Instead of speaking, we must be about doing.

Intentions can only take us so far. So often, they are like dreams never lived. The desire is there, but it ultimately goes nowhere and we remain where we are.

A journey begins by taking a step into the unknown. This should not be taken lightly. For the dangers which lurk around every turn just might take us down.

There is a price to be paid in any worthwhile endeavor. We are not guaranteed to get out of life what we put into it. But do nothing and that shall be received.

A body in motion will keep things moving. Beware of that which would stop you in your tracks. Those who can be halted shall be left in irrelevance.

What we do here determines everything. A single moment is all we really have. Make your move while you can, or suffer the curse of lasting regret.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The difficult path

It is hard to take a stand. Especially when you must do so alone. Those around will not cheer your courage, they will accuse you of stubbornness.

People desire to do things the easy way. But it is determination that makes a champion. Push as hard as you can, and be prepared to push some more.

This difficult path keeps getting rougher. The higher you climb, the more they will try to knock you down. Give in for an instant, and they could win.

Do not cower in the face of their fury. They will sense weakness and then attack. Such do not spare the ones they loathe, and even less those they love.

Cruelty is the only thing that gains their respect. But it ends in the defacing of oneself. What good is their esteem, when it comes at such a high cost?

These shall always want and be found wanting. For there is a gaping hole deep inside. Expect nothing from them and you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Behind the curtain

You cannot believe everything you see. Evil is quite good at putting on a show. But behind the curtain, a different story is playing itself out.

Be wary of anyone saying what you want to hear. People demonstrate who and what they are. Flattering words are but a means to deceive.

To trick someone, you must focus their attention elsewhere. Get them to dwell upon themselves. They will not see what is sneaking up from behind.

There are those utterly lacking in scruples. Poison is oft mixed with honey, else it would be refused. Be careful of that which they offer as drink.

The truth is indeed a bitter pill to swallow. But choosing to believe something does not make it so. Dare to look at that which gives you pause.

This is a dangerous world we live in. It falls to us to rise to the occasion. By facing your fears you just might avoid one vicious stab to the back.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fullness of opinion

People are full of opinions. As if their likes and dislikes mean anything in the final analysis. One must prove themselves before their words will have any weight.

It is better to keep our thoughts under wraps. Otherwise, they could get loose and wreak havoc. It is not what is said that matters, but instead what a person does.

Throughout the ages, we have vexed one another with what we think. So many have died in order to prove another's point. Yet, the world just keeps on turning.

Words have power, and many have used them to make others suffer. It is easy to afflict someone with your perspectives. It is hard to simply maintain one's silence.

When we have something to say, we should be heard. But egotistical gratification edifies none. Make the effort to speak so much less and listen so much more.

Thoughts take root and become inspirations. But if they spawn foolishness, then they must be cut down. Or else they will choke the life out of everything.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bruised egos

People put way too much stock in their feelings. Such things come and go, rarely ever helping anyone. When they get hurt, you end up in a world of pain.

All too often our emotions are simply due to the interaction of chemicals within. Yet, they are treated as sacred. Woe unto any who would give the ego a bruise.

Doing good is important, but feeling good is not. Expressing oneself is a form of catharsis. Take it one step further and purge yourself of these miserable desires.

Moods can change without warning. You were happy and now you are sad. It is a sad state of affairs when human beings are the victims of their own narcissism.

We need to be capable of feeling, but wise in its application. Do what is best, not what puts a smile on your face. Come down from the cloud and live to the fullest.

How we feel does not dictate who we are. The best way to deal with insults is to brush them aside. There is too much to do to worry about what anyone thinks.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Strong foundation

Hearts, like buildings, need a strong foundation. The tallest tower will collapse without one. There are some who live to bring others down to their level.

Those who fail to recognize weaknesses are doomed to succumb to them. The hardest person to face is yourself. One cannot hide from the enemy within.

Some spirits are stronger than others. But even inner strength can grow. It just takes someone determined to stand against the weight of the world.

If you are still swinging, the fight is not over. Take care not to stumble over your own baggage. For the enemy will turn their efforts into keeping you down.

It is quite difficult to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. The ones who cannot will fall. Though bitter tears are shed, the stones will not come back together.

Who can overturn a mountain? Its foundation is deep and secure. The heart also can be unwavering, and when the tempest has passed it shall remain unmoved.