Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Seize the day

What do you do when an opportunity is presented? The victory belongs to those who seize the day. Hesitate for a moment and all will be lost.

There are few things that hurt as much as a missed chance. Without so much as a hit, it bowls you over. The hardest thing to live with is regret.

Imagine the surprise when the bull is taken by the horns. All the force brought to bear is powerless to stop you. Those around will stand amazed.

We often have the choice to sink or to swim. Many succumb and they end up going under. Only the select few will keep their heads above water.

If success is out of your grasp, it just means you need to reach deeper. Let nothing keep you from what you have earned. The fight is never over.

When opportunity knocks, one must be ready. If you fail, you may never get another chance. But to succeed will serve to silence all the doubters.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dream come true

If your dreams came true, would you know it? We all like to think things should change overnight. But in reality, it would merely be an opportunity.

Many rags to riches stories end up back in rags. What good is it to obtain if you cannot maintain? Success is something you fight to get and to keep.

That which is given can always be taken back. But if you earn something, then it can only be stolen. For it was bought with one's blood, sweat and tears.

Against all odds, means the chances are slim. What happens when your strongest support wavers? Can you show everyone that of which you are made?

What is worth doing is never easy. There are no guarantees that our efforts will amount to anything. Those who long for glory, their longing shall continue.

The ones who deserve better will demonstrate it. Then, it no longer matters what they receive. Their worth will have been established, now and forever.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Shine a light

There is a lot in this world that is disappointing. But we should never sacrifice the positive to point out the negative. The good is here, even now.

Evil stands out like a dark spot on a piece of paper. It is loud and annoying like a barking dog. Good cares without a reason, and beyond such things.

Everything is better because of the few. In the darkness, they shine a light. The wicked flee, lest they be exposed for the nothings they really are.

Hard choices lead to hardened hearts. When the joy is removed, misery takes its place. How can one's belief survive when all seems for naught?

We must do our best to resist the gloom. So long as even one still cares, all is not lost. On the contrary, something wonderful has been found.

It is easy giving up, and we should never give in. Search for those lights shining in the night. Be one yourself: a radiant beacon to show others the way.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Paying the price

There are prices to be paid in life. And the more you pay, the worse your situation becomes. Bad times can lead to worse ones down the road.

That which you count on can let you down. It is a sad fact that good people often suffer. No matter the character, it does not change the treatment.

Doing good does not make anything easy. But it does demonstrate the kind of person you are. And that will resonate far beyond this mortal coil.

We cannot determine whether we live or die. Yet, we can use our lives to establish our worth. It will not go unnoticed, regardless of the outcome.

Those who do well should not expect to be rewarded. Because you care is cause enough. Do not ruin everything by centering it all around yourself.

Live life like it is your only chance. Make the most of every opportunity that is afforded. Some claim to deserve better, and others go out and prove it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Endurance test

When you get knocked down, do you stay there? Or do you get back up and right back into the fight? Life is and always has been a test of endurance.

On the sidelines, criticism comes easy. From the comfort of an armchair, some feel they can lead the team. Hard decisions are made where it is not safe.

To succeed, one must have something to lose. You will struggle most when failure is not an option. For the ramifications can reach far and strike home.

When the enemy plays for keeps, it is no longer a game. Then, you are in a battle for your very survival. The winner lives, and the loser does not.

The clock starts when one is cut to the quick. Every drop that is shed is a grain of sand through the hourglass. Eventually, one's time indeed runs out.

Give it your all, while strength still remains. In the fray, is where one finds their worth. What evil cannot stand are those who refuse to stay down.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The greatest adversary

What is frightening is not how fragile we are, but how resilient. The will to survive is strong. We would rather fight on than ever to succumb.

Knowing what can happen reminds us of what we should be doing. There is not a moment to be lost. As long as we live, the struggle will continue.

Fear brings everything to a halt. It is essential to keep things moving. The ones who think only of escape can never elude their greatest adversary.

To run is to leave others behind. The enemy who treats you poorly, will do worse to your loved ones. Everywhere you go, the guilt will surely follow.

The monster under the bed is hungry. Another in the closet waits to draw you into a final embrace. These things conquer us within and then without.

Let fear exist merely on the surface... just enough to keep you from danger. When it rules, it becomes a tyrant. So make sure that it never forgets its place.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A small world

In the end, the world is not such a big place. It is getting smaller every day. Who would have thought technology could bring everything home?

There is nowhere to run and few spaces to hide. Things are connected in ways they never were before. What one knows, they all could.

This is a time unprecedented. Along with the dangers, opportunities abound. It is like having access to the whole planet, and its many denizens.

We are here now, and the most is still yet to be made. There is so much to sink your teeth into. The ones who take a bite will never go hungry.

Those seeking will find there is a day yet to be seized. Change is grossly overrated. It smacks of control, and leaves inspiration in the dust.

Good is not a popularity contest. It is not what we do but what we are. When the pretentiousness falls away, that is when you see the real person.