Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How we feel

Memories are but a collection of that which we have experienced. They do not make us nor can they break us. And they are a pale imitation of life.

It is easier to remember feelings than particulars. Even if we could recall everything, how we feel gives it meaning. Otherwise, it is just raw data.

Feeling goes beyond emotion. The latter is a chemical response, but the former delves deeper.  Emotions are the tools to express how we feel.

Through sensation, we experience our world. The inside makes contact with what is without. We become stimulated, and that provokes a reaction.

One can react in a positive or negative manner. There is a wide spectrum between one or the other. So, different people will react in a different way.

Those who cannot feel are unable to truly live. They will not appreciate what is most precious. For their existence is but a stream of information. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Anxiety abounds

Anxiety comes too easily to most people. A slight bit of uncertainty becomes a mountain of worry. And it all comes crashing down upon us.

There is so much we carry around on our backs. It is a wonder the life expectancy can be so high. Stress builds steadily until you collapse.

Even when understandable, fear tends to be exaggerated. Everything is not falling apart. Rather, one or two matters may need to be addressed.

Drama kings and queens abound. And everyone is subjected to their conceits. The only place they lead others is into their world of misery.

We must learn to distinguish between our needs and wants. The former are required for mere survival. But the latter should always be earned.

The attention we crave does not make us royalty. Though the pain we cause might make it seem so. Such are only pretenders to the throne.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Adapt and overcome

Survival means you cannot keep doing things the same way. One must adapt and overcome. No matter the difficulty, a solution can be found.

When we are comfortable, we are the most vulnerable. That which is ours can be taken away. Be wary of anything which just sounds too good.

Living in fear is a miserable existence. A little caution can make a big difference. Those worthy of suspicion have a tendency to reveal themselves.

The outcome is beyond our control. Still, we can influence what happens along the way. What shape will you be in when the destination is reached?

Since the battlefield changes, so must our tactics. Replace anything that is not working. Remember the car is not the problem, just change the flat tire.

So many things escape our notice. For the ones who are honest, the answer will come. Be prepared for it to be not at all what you wanted to hear.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Something to remember

As memories pile up, it becomes harder to locate individual ones. What we want to remember gets buried. We are left to the here and now.

The things we would wish to forget often rise to the surface. It is like the desire to not recall a certain color. You will now be fixated upon it.

Those we care for should never be forgotten. Though their lives may have passed, they live on within. Deep in our hearts, there they remain.

Do not let your memory cover the bumps and bruises. If you do, your recollection will no longer be of them. It will be your own invention.

Celebrate the person and not the myth. It is easy to deceive ourselves for the sake of comfort. But a lie can do nothing to change the reality.

What will be remembered when we are gone? Is our legacy one of darkness or light? Let your deeds shine so bright they cannot be forgotten.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fret not

When we worry, it does not make anything better. Things seem worse, though nothing has changed. Do what you can, and do not fret the rest.

Undue concern blows all things out of proportion. A frenzied individual is a danger to everyone. They can turn slight difficulties into peril.

The prophecy fulfills itself, in spectacular fashion. Do not lash out at your own reflection. You will end up with hands full of shattered glass.

Take only actions that will lead to improvement. Sometimes, the best move is not to make one. If you are standing on a cliff, do not step forward.

Those who are incapable cannot be held responsible. Decisions should only be made when one is calm. Let matters be seen in their true form.

Leave the small things to sweat for themselves. The best ideas are among the simplest. The more elaborate the plan, the less likely it will work.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Doing the improbable

It is imperative to maintain one's momentum. Things cannot be allowed to be brought to a halt. Otherwise, the progress made could be lost.

Most human lives are stationary targets. So many have already given up, and accepted their lot. As long as the heart beats, matters can change.

Keep moving and complacency will not set in. It takes great energy to accomplish the improbable. To succeed, it takes all you have and then some.

One can play a game well and still not win. Those who do are able to summon just that much more. Often, it is decided by the slightest advantage.

A loss means that you must try harder. If one way does not work, there is always another. Keep your ideas fresh by not grinding them into the dirt.

When the heart fails, all else will follow. Just keep looking in the direction you are heading. Be constantly surprised by how far you have come. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Making progress

To make progress, one must stay focused. Being pulled in too many directions means going nowhere. And it is also a waste of precious energy.

If you do not like where you are in life, make better decisions. There are ways to get out of a mess. But the most effective is not to get into it.

Consider carefully what changes will need to be made. Sometimes, you can wind up in a worse state. Think better, and you will tend to do better.

We cannot control the way things turn out. But we can influence them for good or ill. Be the difference if you would wish to make one.

Recklessness reduces potential to just scattered regrets. Many interests have shallow roots. And desperation can make a fool out of anyone.

It is better to move surely than quickly. Those who rush make so many mistakes. Often they find their way to the goal, only to wonder why.