Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weight of the world

The most painful blows you do not see coming. Everything seems peaceful, but trouble is brewing. Though the shock may subside, you will not be the same.

When all is lost, we find our true measure. Will we persevere, or crumble beneath the pressure? The answer decides whether we are intact or if we lie broken.

Most will find the point where they cannot go on. Only a few can shoulder the weight of the world and press forward. This is where we prove our mettle.

Who can bear the heat of the crucible? The strong are forged in the fire, while the weak are reduced to puddles of goo. No one can put them together again.

Yet, the survivors do not escape unscathed. Such an ordeal leaves a permanent mark. But the alternative is to give in, and be ground into the dust.

If you stand up, be prepared to fall. But if you refuse to stay down, the wicked are mocked. All of their power cannot avail against one determined to rise.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Digging a hole

How many things have been ruined by someone determined to get what they want? Lust takes over, making men into monsters. Or maybe it reveals them...

Those who get what they desire are still not satisfied. That is because greed does not fill the hole, it just digs it deeper. And then, everyone gets sucked in.

That which we desperately crave will dry up and blow away. What is left will merely be the memory. It is there to remind us of all the time we have wasted.

What shall remain are the bones, with every bit of meat gnawed from them. But the desire will still be there. When there is nothing left, the soul still hungers.

Those who can be bought will sell themselves. And they shall serve as poor sustenance for their wicked masters. But at least their pride is still retained.

This is a world where you win only to lose. Hearts are placed upon the table, only to be swept up like plastic chips. For the odds are always in the house's favor.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Life without bondage

Freedom is not given... you must fight for it. There will always be plenty of people who will try to keep it from you. They cannot be allowed to succeed.

When we enter this world, there are those who will try to control us. As children, we need these constraints. But adults can make their own decisions.

With the ability to choose, comes responsibility for our choices. It is immature to expect others to suffer for what we do. No matter what, we must own it.

If a mistake is made, it is not the end of the world. Rather, it is an opportunity to turn things around. By doing better, we can eventually become better.

Dependence means willingly putting on the chains. And there will be no plans of ever removing them. But every day they will take you for a walk.

To be free from outside control, we must discipline ourselves. Or else the chaos within will take over and hold us fast. Living in bondage is no life at all.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Over and through

What do you do when you come to a mountain? Some will stay where it is safe. But there are those who against all odds will begin the arduous climb.

The real you becomes evident when there is no net. Only then will you discover your actual substance. Pride often precedes quite a precipitous fall.

Those who are reckless will make a wreck of themselves. Foolishness and courage have nothing in common. But there comes a point when both are tested.

One must not choose the hard way, unless there is no other. There are dire consequences for failure. Be mindful of this, and of the decisions you make.

Applause is there to distract and deceive. They encourage you to take your chances just to see what will happen. By surviving you put them to shame.

An honest stand is not taken while the cameras are rolling. In the quiet, we prove our mettle. While not always getting over, we can still make it through.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Liking and believing

If you want to control someone, find out what they want. Hold it like a carrot over their head. It is sad to say that most people are so easily manipulated.

The deception is hard to see through sometimes. After all, it does sound so good. But be sure there are those who will say whatever you want to hear.

It is not enough to like it, you must believe it. For then, you will fight to the death in the defense of a lie. Many shall fall believing themselves martyrs. 

The truth is often unpopular, and it seldom makes you feel good. It can hurt worse than anything else.  Eschewing the back, it goes right for the throat.

Still, lies are not a refuge. They cannot keep one warm and fed. Instead, trusting in perceived safety, you continue on the path that leads to destruction.

See what is there, not what is hoped for. Be wary of those who make grandiose claims. The only thing they will deliver is your head on a platter.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Making a move

It is not what is said but what is done that is important. Words come easy, but they are hollow without actions. Instead of speaking, we must be about doing.

Intentions can only take us so far. So often, they are like dreams never lived. The desire is there, but it ultimately goes nowhere and we remain where we are.

A journey begins by taking a step into the unknown. This should not be taken lightly. For the dangers which lurk around every turn just might take us down.

There is a price to be paid in any worthwhile endeavor. We are not guaranteed to get out of life what we put into it. But do nothing and that shall be received.

A body in motion will keep things moving. Beware of that which would stop you in your tracks. Those who can be halted shall be left in irrelevance.

What we do here determines everything. A single moment is all we really have. Make your move while you can, or suffer the curse of lasting regret.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The difficult path

It is hard to take a stand. Especially when you must do so alone. Those around will not cheer your courage, they will accuse you of stubbornness.

People desire to do things the easy way. But it is determination that makes a champion. Push as hard as you can, and be prepared to push some more.

This difficult path keeps getting rougher. The higher you climb, the more they will try to knock you down. Give in for an instant, and they could win.

Do not cower in the face of their fury. They will sense weakness and then attack. Such do not spare the ones they loathe, and even less those they love.

Cruelty is the only thing that gains their respect. But it ends in the defacing of oneself. What good is their esteem, when it comes at such a high cost?

These shall always want and be found wanting. For there is a gaping hole deep inside. Expect nothing from them and you will not be disappointed.