Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trapped inside

Fear is something we all face. We are surrounded by those determined to destroy us. And that which does not kill you can still hurt quite a bit.

It is not surprising that so many lose heart. The deck is stacked in the enemy's favor. But no matter what, one must play the hand they are dealt.

If we let them win, what will be left? Merely a pile of rubble that used to be our hopes and dreams. But now it remains to cause us to stumble.

Pain is not something we should ever embrace. Only in overcoming it do we become stronger. The ones who cannot endure wind up crushed.

Despair can make the most steadfast afraid. Be wary when it is disturbingly quiet. That which lurks in shadows lives to consume desperate hope.

Confront the things that give you pause. Be ready to give your all and then some more. You are not trapped inside with them, but they with you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Losing for winning

Those who expect to be trusted are not worthy. Everything they say and do should be scrutinized. For there is a monster lurking behind their smile.

The wicked sacrifice others to get what they desire. Innocence is just another thing to be exploited. Eternal souls are sold for a mere pittance.

Even when they win, the evil are at a loss. They can do naught but fulfill the purpose of another. When this is accomplished, they are discarded.

They fall, and there are none to mourn them. On the contrary, many rejoice at their demise. It is a sad state when the world is better once you are gone.

Being the thing that is fought against, makes one but an obstacle. Those who overcome leave them behind. The ones who fail are stopped short.

To care is to be more than the sum of one's parts. And such things have a tendency to spread. Darkness fears the sight of the smallest light.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The bold and the reckless

Success is all about knowing when to take risks. The ones who play it safe wind up on the sidelines. The game comes and goes, with or without them.

Recklessness precedes destruction. It might feel good jumping into the den of lions. But the inevitable result is you end up torn limb from limb.

Courage is knowing the danger, yet proceeding anyway. The consequences are clear and present. Because you care, you find the strength to persevere.

There are limitations that we must face. But what we can truly accomplish is amazing. Evil stands abashed, because it is in awe of the capabilities of good.

That is why it strives to intimidate us. It is our own fears which discourage and debilitate. The laughter we hear is but the manic chuckling of the relieved.

We can put the fear in their hearts. Their frustration will be music to our ears. Winning is not everything, so long as we ensure that evil ultimately loses.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

World grown cold

With the change of the seasons, there is a world grown colder. What is loved gives way to that which is desired. We are in danger of losing ourselves.

The thing that is wanted is put before what is needed. Everything else is doomed to fall by the wayside. What we hoped to gain leaves us at a loss.

Our choices determine what we become. We cannot let a few bad decisions define us. If we do not clean up our act, we deserve an existence in filth.

None of this has been set in stone. Let us carve out a future that we can live with. Or else we will merely become the pawns in someone else's game.

If we stop caring, a living world is dead and gone. Nothing will matter when all is for naught. Only a fool would put their life in someone else's hands.

A chill is in the air, but let it not find a way inside. Without the warmth, life is cold comfort. There is no fear of perishing when one is already dead within.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Waging war

To fight evil, you must be willing to wage war. It means fighting with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. They will not hold back, so neither should you.

Learn everything you can about your opponent. Understand what it is they are bringing to the table. And then be ready to turn it around and against them.

The one that sacrifices has already lost. If you cannot prove to be better, then your victory is hollow. It will only mean something to those without meaning.

In a spiritual contest, it all comes down to spirit. Yours will be tested like never before. Resist the desire to lash out, for the wicked love collateral damage.

Failure brings the most dire of consequences. When evil plays, it plays for keeps. What it takes is seldom retrievable, and often the victim of vandalism.

Trounce the darkness, and the world becomes brighter. To be beaten, carries serious ramifications. And the shock waves of defeat will continually sting.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Without knowing

When it comes to knowledge, without having all you do not have any. Once, people proudly proclaimed the world was flat. And they were wrong.

Lack of knowledge is not shameful. Willful ignorance most definitely is. Refusing to acknowledge the obvious denotes a deep-seated fear of the truth.

One's perspective does not change reality. No matter how many people share it, that does not affect what is. We should be wary of the so-called experts.

How often does this narrative change? Those who were dogmatic become the masters of retraction. The foundation they laid is so swiftly exhumed.

We live in extraordinary times, but what we ken has been learned through error. Do not make the mistake of hubris. Admit what you do not know.

The most basic of questions we cannot answer. Such mysteries are yet to be revealed. Fret not, there are few things better than the joy of discovery.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cynically hopeful

Life is best when we hope for better, but prepare for worse. Optimism withers in the face of reality. Yet, pessimism is just another way of giving up.

Most people only care about themselves. They will do anything to get what they want. And if you do not give it to them, they will turn against you.

But there are those who look out for others. When someone is in need,  they are there to lend a hand. The world survives because of people like this.

The hardest truth of all, is that both extremes reside within the individual. To sacrifice the good, is evil. It is the evidence of one's own selfishness.

We must recognize that people care, and that they do not. Just because it hurts, does not mean we should not look. Honesty is always the hard way.

Lies do not a refuge make. See things as they are, and do not turn away. For in the midst of this wicked world, there is still a great deal of good.