Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Promises, promises

There are few things more useless than a promise. Those who get results do not bother to give assurances. The people who promise, tend not to follow through.

If someone is untrustworthy, it is best not to depend on them for anything. Do not expect their word to have any substance. The assurance they give, is merely a false hope of delivery.

People are quick to say and slow to do. Their word could not bind a puddle. So, expecting anything to come of their protestations is a long ride to nowhere.

If someone says they have changed, expect them to change back. Such do not stray from their former habits. They will return to what they were all along.

Something that is real needs no fanfare. Those determined to convince lack evidence of their claims. So, they throw words about to distract and deceive.

When light shines, darkness flees. What a person does will tell you who they are. It is telling when showing is the preference for proving. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Loud and clear

Speak softly, and people might not hear you. Sometimes, you must raise your voice to be heard. If you are direct and succinct, there is a good chance of getting your point across.

Why use a lot of words, when just a few will do? The essence of poetry is to use the right words. So it is with what is spoken: brevity is the soul of wit.

It is essential to speak clearly. Leave too much room for interpretation, and what is heard will not even resemble what was said. Still, they will hold you to their assumptions.

Often you must lift your voice over the din of the masses. They can ignore you only if you let them. A shout will be heard, while a whisper just passes by.

One need not be obnoxious to be seen. A negative reaction can be more harmful than a total lack of response. Those who wish to make a point, must have one to make.

Wisdom is lost in the clamor of the foolish. It must be loud and clear to be heard at all. You must gain their attention, before they will hear what you will say.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Something most precious

What a person loves, they will fight for. Biting and scratching cannot be ruled out in a contest of desire. Such a personal thing can be used for good or ill.

That which you love takes on elevated importance. Other things become diminished in your eyes. Time is precious, and you earnestly wish to spend it doing what you love.

Those you love are held dear. If they are in trouble, you will defend them.  No matter how troubling, they will always have a place in your heart.

Crimes of passion are the worst kind. Stymied desire begins to boil, and the resulting rage can be terrifying indeed. Possessiveness will squeeze the life out of any relationship.

Caring means not making excuses to get what you want. Matters of the heart should be handled with care. Things become unbalanced when there is more taking than giving.

Love is a wonderful thing when the self does not rear its ugly head. There is warmth to be found in a loving embrace. It is something most precious when hearts beat as one.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Expect the unexpected

Life can change in a moment, so one should always expect the unexpected. That which we thought would last, can be brutally snatched away. And it is up to us to soldier on.

A single incident might drastically alter your entire existence. Cherish the present, before it is past. No matter how good the times, they could always end.

Those who take care, are better prepared for eventualities. They know not to rest on their laurels. For that which is celebrated today, could be vilified tomorrow.

Be ever vigilant. For evil is a restless beast always seeking a victim. It thinks nothing of tearing the heart from another, since it does not have one of its own.

It takes courage to stand in the face of this madness. There is no shame in failing when you have given your all. Death is merely a change of perspective.

What is within cannot be taken, only surrendered. The talons of greed reach just so far. Fight to ensure what you love is not lost to the whims of the world.