Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sight unseen

Just because you do not see something, does not mean it is not there. Often things go unnoticed, overlooked and underestimated. The same is true for people:  many rise to prominence from the most humble of beginnings.

Working hard is just the beginning. It is necessary to do so just to keep up. However, the winner will be the one who pushes themselves a little harder. Second place is still a loss.

The only limits are self-imposed. It may require all that you have to gain what you desire. If these aims are petty, then achievement will lead to destruction.

If your desires are pure, then pursue them with your all. There are no obstructions, only obstacles. Leap over these annoyances, and leave them staring after.

Those who saw you every day will suddenly notice you. That which was tossed aside will be sought for in earnest.  The words that fell unheard will be gathered up and cherished.

It is easy to miss the forest for all those trees. Individual drops fill an ocean. Grains of sand make up a beach. And from among the many, will emerge the precious few.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Decisions, decisions...

A person can accomplish only so much in the course of a lifetime. And so, it is inherent that decisions will need to be made. It is important to pick a path and then follow it to the end.

Choosing a direction is never easy. And some choices will be made for you. We must all play the hand we are dealt. To fold is to give up without even trying.

A lot can be accomplished through sheer determination. But the desire must come from within. Dreams are not from the mind; they are born in the heart.

Always take responsibility for your actions. That is the truest mark of adulthood.  If the house of cards falls, then the one who built it is to blame.

The dreams that last are built to last. If they are thrown together, expect them to fall apart.  Without a firm foundation, the greatest tower cannot stand.

Determine what steps will be needed to reach the goal. Envision everything required for the journey. And then go forth, for your path is chosen and the destination is waiting…

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An attitude of gratitude

It is easier to bemoan what we do not have, than to appreciate what we do. I believe the saying goes ‘gratitude not attitude.’ How can anyone expect to receive more, when they do not appreciate what they have?

People tend to obsess over what they want. And will scrimp and save for these things, totally forgetting all the other such prizes collecting dust in the corner. Perhaps it is the having we enjoy more than the using…

And what is given will often be cast aside when the giver is not looking. Not every gift is the most practical thing to receive. But do we truly appreciate the intention, or do we only see it as a road to a very hot place?

If someone gives you a compliment, are you thankful? Or do you merely wish for more? The consumption of praise can often be taken to excess.

When something is done for you, consider how to return the favor. This should not be seen as payment; rather the one good turn always deserves another. Appreciation responds to acts of kindness in kind.

Life is about the pursuit of happiness, but this should not come at another’s expense. If someone bestows a blessing, they should never be at a loss. At the least, they should receive thanks. At the best, their kindness should beget even more.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The endless struggle

Life is an endless struggle to face another day. Some times are harder than others. It is not the challenge that matters, but the heart of the one who refuses to be kept down.

Our blood, sweat and tears are poured into the struggle. And often, we suffer severe beatings for our efforts. There is no guarantee of success, but giving up is the surest sign of failure.

Stubbornness and perseverance are two different things. The stubborn are concerned with being right, while those who persevere have committed themselves to the attainment of a goal. To be right is meaningless. If you jump off a bridge, it means nothing that you were right about the fall.

Desire is not enough… you must fight for your dreams. Refuse to fail: shun it with all your heart. The worst that could happen is to go down swinging.

You will bear the scars of war. People despise those who press on when they have fallen down. If they refuse to rise, you must leave them behind.

We are often surprised at where we find the energy to continue on. It was not seen, nor was there even an awareness of it. But suddenly, you get a second wind. One foot is placed in front of the other, and each step brings you closer to the goal.