Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Something simple

Doing good does not require some big, grandiose gesture.. There are ways to help that do not cost a thing. Do something simple, and you will have much to show.

It is the little things which make a big difference. When someone is hurting, just a few kind words can do wonders. It means so much to know someone cares.

A friendly chat can raise a person's spirits. Think of all the words we waste on a daily basis. Imagine these syllables being used not to hurt but to heal.

We all have talents which can be used for good. But we must be concerned for others and not just ourselves. Light focused on oneself is blinding.

There are those who will not appreciate what you do. It is best to stop doing things for them. All of your efforts could be better spent on the ones who can be helped.

Our time here is limited. None of us are guaranteed to see another day. Be a blessing and let the wicked curse as they may, for a little good goes a long way.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Giving thanks

Those who are not thankful do not deserve what they have. If you take things for granted, the day will come when they no longer are. And you will suffer their loss.

Some people are a blessing. They make life a little easier just by doing what they do. You know they care, and it is easy to care about them in return.

Others will challenge you. Their purpose is to test your resolve and bring out the best in response. Some become better, and there are those who will make you better.

Be grateful for your family. With all their faults, you share a connection with these people. They are the reason you did not come into this world alone.

Give thanks for your livelihood. It could all be gone tomorrow, and you would be forced to start all over. For now, it is the reason there is food on the table.

For these and so many other things we should give thanks. Remember those who must do without. Being entitled to nothing, we should be grateful for everything.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Agreeing to disagree

People put a lot of stock in agreement. It seems the only thing they can agree on is that everyone must agree. This cannot happen, because we are not robots.

Evil is not caring when you should. Far from being a thing, it is simply a lack of something. And those who lack demand that others agree with them.

Everyone has a right to be wrong. As long as no one gets hurt, this is not a problem. Forcing agreement is the spiritual essence of a thing called control.

Throughout history, people have attempted to force what they believe on others. Much blood has been shed to these ends. In the retaining of power, there are no scruples.

What good is it to have power if you are not going to make things better? Someone will arise to take it away. And you will be left with the nothing you made.

Difference comes from being different. It is not something to be extolled, but recognized. Whether people agree or not, it does not mean they cannot be friends.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A brighter tomorrow

There is a lot of evil in this world, but there is also a lot of good. To deny either would be dishonest. Regardless of what transpires, we determine the outcome.

Those who care will make this a better place. The rest will tear down all that we hold dear. But there is no darkness that does not flee in the presence of light.

The future is uncertain, because our decisions are what make it. So, it is in our hands to build or bring to ruin. When all hangs in the balance, there is nowhere to run.

It is not the world that is important, but the people in it. What can be done, must be done while the sun is shining. When the light is gone, darkness will consume all.

Hope is a fragile thing, easily lost if placed in the wrong hands. But the good you see is all the evidence needed. So long as one light shines, it is not over.

Fan the flames into a cleansing fire and you will see how bright this world can be. Darkness will recede into the corners. And we will awake to a brighter tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Unexpected collisions

Friendships require a great deal of care. Just like snowflakes, no two individuals are exactly alike. The differences should never be allowed to create division.

It is easy to hurt someone without even intending to. This world is a chaotic place, and emotions can be quite volatile. Some unexpected collisions are inevitable.

The bonds are only as strong as the people involved. If you let go, the other party just might drift away. So, it is important to never lose sight of what makes you friends.

When a human being is hurting, it shakes up their whole world. They cannot concentrate on anything else. As a result, they can become quite distant.

But distance is a relative concept, so far and close are a matter of perspective. Though the journey is long, the destination can be reached. It just takes time.

If you care enough, there is nothing that can stand in your way. The world itself is merely a steppingstone. For what matters should not be left behind.