Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trial and error

When you stumble, it can be hard to get moving again. Nothing is the same as it was, and you must adapt to a new way of doing things. Though not impossible, it is frustrating.

The tendency is to fall back into old habits. But they are what led you to fall in the first place. If they did not profit you  before, do not expect them to become profitable.

Having shed such notions, you will be surprised at how useless they really were. Why did you cling to them for so long? Not only can you go on, but they were actually holding you back.

An individual must set their own course. No one can tell you what to do, nor can they do it for you. Everyone's experience is different, so there is no formula for success.

What they can tell you is what not to do. Although, you have probably figured that out through trial and error. Still, those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

The ones who wish to progress will not be deterred. Stumbling is just a part of the journey. You have learned to make your steps sure, and now are headed in the right direction.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Broken vessels

The very essence of evil is a lack of substance. It is nothing where there should be something. Redemption is not about changing, but becoming the person you were meant to be.

People strive to control others in a desperate attempt to control their world. They succeed only in stifling what they do not like. Pretty soon, even they will have trouble breathing.

No two humans think, talk or act alike. So, expecting them to agree is foolish and presumptuous. Caring makes things better, and the opinions of man are merely obstacles to enlightenment.

The solution to all life's problems is really quite simple: care more. That means taking action to deal with your problems. Excuses just mean the vessel will keep on leaking.

Those who demand change do not intend to look within. Instead, they wish to bend others to their will. If they succeed, all will be the worse for it.

Broken vessels cannot hold water. Until all the gaps are sealed, nothing is accomplished. Do not be concerned about the evils you see until you can face your own reflection.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What is said

Talking is overrated. Any attempt at a serious discussion so quickly devolves into an argument, where the point is lost and the object is merely to win. Winning triumphs over enlightenment every time.

People use their words to hurt others. Quite often the victims are not even in on the conversation, though they are the topic. If you have nothing good to say, it is best to say nothing.

Words are often used to entice and ensnare. You can feel the poison dripping from every syllable. But since people hear only what they want, they are easily entrapped and subdued.

Do not be quick to believe what is said. The most blatant deceit wears quite an alluring disguise. Those who pluck the heartstrings, tend to play the most mournful of tunes.

An honest person will simply say what they must. If an argument ensues, it was not of their design. Not saying the right thing can be just as disastrous as uttering the wrong one.

Words are used to communicate. If they cause only misery, they were born of a miserable soul. Silence is golden, especially when the alternative brings everything to ruin.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The evil within

Why is it so hard to conquer your demons? Probably because you have made friends with them. Evil does not present itself in all its repulsiveness, but in the form you most desire.

People make excuses for their failings, because they have already excused themselves. So, they rationalize everything which should be shunned. Then, they continue to do what they already wanted.

To progress, you must learn to deny yourself. If nothing good is born of it, then nothing good will come of it. Toss it in the garbage bin and spare it not even a backward glance.

This can be extremely difficult, because the evil resides within. You will cling to it, because it is all you ever wanted. And like a bad rash, it refuses to go away.

To be successful, you must come to reject it entirely. Evil is merely an absence of caring. Fill the holes in your soul and wickedness will have no place to lay its head.

When it is gone, seal all the entrances. Remember your failure and take steps to prevent a repeat performance. Anyone can fall, but it takes great courage to rise again.