Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good riddance

There are things we should get rid of. They will slow us down or even halt our progress. They give us nothing and spoil everything.

Pride is something to be rid of. It gives one an over-inflated sense of importance. And just like a balloon, to pop it just takes someone with a point.

Humility should also be discarded. If we do not extol our virtues, no one else will. The use of a bullhorn is not required, merely the honest statement of one's accomplishments.

Selfishness definitely belongs in the refuse pile. Focusing on yourself to the exclusion of others leads to all manner of wickedness. After all, who can judge a supreme being?

Conversely, selflessness can be just as evil. Those who do not care about themselves cannot care about others. And they so easily become the tools of those with agendas.

Indifference is the most dangerous of vices. It starts with not caring, but never ends there. Instead it regresses, until the semblance of humanity falls prey to the merest of whims.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The cycle of life

When we are born into this world, everything is about us. We cannot feed nor even care for ourselves, so others must do so. Some people never grow out of the egotism that results.

As they grow, children learn to do more. However, they are utterly unprepared for the world and require constant supervision. There are adults who need someone looking over their shoulder to be productive.

Adolescence brings about many changes, for now a human being is physically able to take care of themselves. Still, they are afflicted with a bad case of idealism since they have never had to make real decisions. This naivety persists for many, and they do not progress to become responsible individuals.

Reaching adulthood, humans now think they know everything. Experience teaches them the error of their ways. However, there are those out there who will never learn.

Once experience has its way, people become set in their ways. They have forgotten adaptation is necessary for survival. Many will perish, refusing to change.

Life is a cycle of good and bad: mistakes made and lessons learned. Those who know when to change and when to stand firm will progress and thrive. Others complain they were never given a chance, when they squandered every chance they had.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Doing and learning

There is no instruction manual for life. If one existed, it could not be relied upon. The only thing you can do is your best, and then learn from your mistakes.

Those who do not fail, do not try. Success is always just beyond our grasp. It takes that extra bit of effort to finally grab it.

Victory is fleeting. It is wise to be ready for the next challenge. And be prepared for the setbacks that are sure to come.

For all we know, we know very little. Life is always throwing us something else. Conceit reaches out and draws back a nub.

Discretion is necessary for survival. Realize you do not know everything. And understand what you do not know can kill you.

This is a crazy world. Sometimes it is all we can do to retain our sanity. It takes determination to silence the disquieted mind and calm the troubled heart.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Vital interests

Enthusiasm is infectious. It is the life's blood of a creative heart. Those who do what does not interest them often court failure.

Many there be who steal your thunder. Give them the chance and they will extinguish all light. The world is a dark place because they have a say.

What a person likes is not arbitrary. It reveals something about them. That which they really enjoy goes even deeper: to their very soul.

Everyone is different, so they are incapable of understanding. With so many opinionated individuals, it is a wonder they can agree on anything. Strife is born of a thirst for dominance.

Reckless enjoyment breeds chaos. Before you do anything, ask yourself if it will harm others. If not, then there is no harm in it.

Evil resides in the heart, not in the thoughts.  Instead they are the wicked fruit, born from a deeper place. Those who care will take care to sow only what they wish to reap.