Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Heart in motion

What a person truly loves is with them always. Age does not diminish desire, nor do physical limitations prevent the imagination. For when the body fails, the dream lives on.

If we refuse to recognize the weakness of flesh, we will be painfully reminded. A few days of limping about can restore a measure of sanity. Some skulls are thicker than others, so the pain must be greater.

Physical weakness can be overcome. A weak mind, however, cannot proceed past a certain point. Both body and mind require constant exercise to be at peak performance.

Feed your imagination and it will grow. Your perspectives will be sharper and your focus clearer. A heart in motion tends to keep going.

Understand the difference between fantasy and reality. It is the mental equivalent of knowing your limitations. Imagine a better world, and work to make it so.

Eyes that are open see much. Closing yourself in makes for a sheltered existence. Do not be a slave to circumstances: make them work for you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dust and ashes

People dream of a better world, and that is as far as it goes. This is a good thing, because their idea of better would only make things worse. Such notions are best left within, where they can do less harm.

Technology will not solve our problems. Look at the wondrous advances we have made, yet these issues still exist. The source of our misery is ourselves, and we cannot progress until we take an honest look at who we are.

Love is not the answer, for it so quickly turns to hate. And we sacrifice that which is most precious for that which fades away. Emptiness breeds further lack: we must fill our lives to save them.

To care is far better, and goes much deeper. It not only fills hearts but leads to fulfillment. The whole world could crash down, but that which you care about lives on.

All else is merely dust and ashes. Wicked men will destroy it, desiring to have it. If your wish is to take, then wishful thinking will lead to the worst of crimes.

When all is lost, those who care will remain. The fire will not consume them, rather it purifies. Lies fail in the light of truth, and the self-assured will find themselves stumbling through the wasteland they so desired.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Against the flow

Life is always trying to get you down. It may not be personal, since it tends to strike anyone it finds. If you are feeling good, enjoy it while you can.

We try to be happy, and this is best. Or else our lives will devolve into misery after misery. When getting out of bed becomes a drudgery, it is best to just stay put.

Staying upbeat is like swimming against the current. There is so much negativity you will be swept downstream. Nevertheless, we must fight with our all.

It is easy to focus on what is bad and entirely miss all the good. The latter are like precious gems: limited in quantity but the quality shines. And it makes the rest tolerable.

There is much to endure, and we must bear our burdens. No one can do it for us. Those who put their problems off on others are part of the problem.

Hardships try our patience, but we can overcome. Focus on what makes life worth living. The rest is just the dirt to be cleared away to  reveal the buried treasure.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Passing moments

Time is strange. It goes by slowly and quickly all at once. The childhood you thought would never end, soon comes to exist only in memory.

School days drag along until you can barely stand it. The tests are trying and the papers draining. There is fun to be had, but in smaller amounts.

And then, you grow up. Life becomes much harder, and there is no one to guide you along. The demands of work and daily survival outweigh the privileges of adulthood.

More is expected of grownups, but they are better prepared. A child stumbles, while an adult carefully makes their way past all the obstacles. And the struggle continues...

Cherish each moment before it passes. One day is not better or worse than another. Make the best of it all while the sun is shining.

Time does not fly, nor does it creep. The bored lack imagination. For the dreams of a child can reside in the heart of an adult who realizes the value of time.