Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dust and ashes

People dream of a better world, and that is as far as it goes. This is a good thing, because their idea of better would only make things worse. Such notions are best left within, where they can do less harm.

Technology will not solve our problems. Look at the wondrous advances we have made, yet these issues still exist. The source of our misery is ourselves, and we cannot progress until we take an honest look at who we are.

Love is not the answer, for it so quickly turns to hate. And we sacrifice that which is most precious for that which fades away. Emptiness breeds further lack: we must fill our lives to save them.

To care is far better, and goes much deeper. It not only fills hearts but leads to fulfillment. The whole world could crash down, but that which you care about lives on.

All else is merely dust and ashes. Wicked men will destroy it, desiring to have it. If your wish is to take, then wishful thinking will lead to the worst of crimes.

When all is lost, those who care will remain. The fire will not consume them, rather it purifies. Lies fail in the light of truth, and the self-assured will find themselves stumbling through the wasteland they so desired.


  1. Yep. Yep. All true. Caring solves all the world's problems so as long as its a group effort. We are trapped in a world where people are indifferent for no particular good reason. Imagine the fairyland we'd achieve is everyone cared.

    1. Those who do not care, do not matter. For them, death is merely the ending they crave. But the end of this life, is just the beginning.