Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Passing moments

Time is strange. It goes by slowly and quickly all at once. The childhood you thought would never end, soon comes to exist only in memory.

School days drag along until you can barely stand it. The tests are trying and the papers draining. There is fun to be had, but in smaller amounts.

And then, you grow up. Life becomes much harder, and there is no one to guide you along. The demands of work and daily survival outweigh the privileges of adulthood.

More is expected of grownups, but they are better prepared. A child stumbles, while an adult carefully makes their way past all the obstacles. And the struggle continues...

Cherish each moment before it passes. One day is not better or worse than another. Make the best of it all while the sun is shining.

Time does not fly, nor does it creep. The bored lack imagination. For the dreams of a child can reside in the heart of an adult who realizes the value of time.

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