Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Heart in motion

What a person truly loves is with them always. Age does not diminish desire, nor do physical limitations prevent the imagination. For when the body fails, the dream lives on.

If we refuse to recognize the weakness of flesh, we will be painfully reminded. A few days of limping about can restore a measure of sanity. Some skulls are thicker than others, so the pain must be greater.

Physical weakness can be overcome. A weak mind, however, cannot proceed past a certain point. Both body and mind require constant exercise to be at peak performance.

Feed your imagination and it will grow. Your perspectives will be sharper and your focus clearer. A heart in motion tends to keep going.

Understand the difference between fantasy and reality. It is the mental equivalent of knowing your limitations. Imagine a better world, and work to make it so.

Eyes that are open see much. Closing yourself in makes for a sheltered existence. Do not be a slave to circumstances: make them work for you.


  1. Wow! Poignant and eloquent all the way through. Yeah, if we're too stupid to acknowledge our reality it will beat the sh*t out of us. If we're too fearful of our reality it will crush us. If We forsake our own imagination we will only have the reality that does not care whether we thrive or flounder.

  2. That which is real does not care if you believe in it or not. Closing your eyes just makes you more vulnerable. Open your eyes and keep swinging.