Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wishing well

It is easy to confuse what you want for what you need. There are many things we can live without. It does not mean we should deprive ourselves of them.

Desire becomes a problem when it consumes you. If it turns to lust, then it must be abandoned. Otherwise, the thing will convince you of its necessity.

Simply wishing for better provides a goal. With hard work and perseverance it can be achieved. Be careful of your wishes, for they just might come true.

Merely subsisting would be a life of misery. Things can be enjoyed when not at another's expense. That which is earned is much better than what is given.

Those who take, will take everything for granted. What they have will be readily expended. And in the end, the nothing produced will be what is retained.

Be mindful of what you have, knowing it could be easily lost. These are resources to enrich your existence. Their use is a gauge for the life you have lived.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hard choices

Hard choices are a part of life. Sometimes there is no good answer to a given problem. When this happens, you must make a decision and stand by it.

Never rush blindly into anything. Learn as much as you can before deciding on a course of action. Failing to look before you leap can lead to a nasty fall.

If you make a mistake, take ownership of it. Those who blame others only compound their shame. By not taking responsibility, you only make things worse.

To survive, we must be able to take a few punches. Getting knocked down is no excuse for staying there. Stand back up and get yourself back into the fray.

There are many hardships on the way to success. Do not become discouraged if you hit a wall. Obstacles merely exist to be eventually overcome.

It is hard to proceed when you hit a solid object. There are many ways of getting past without going through. Or maybe you just need to hit the right spot.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gift of the heart

Love starts with attraction. Relationships without chemistry tend to be of short duration. There must be something which brings two people together.

Feelings are merely a starting point. Easily they come, and just as readily they depart. For there to be love, you must proceed beyond such things.

It helps when you like to spend time together. The more communication, the closer the bond. If you cannot share words, how can you share other things?

Lovers will not agree on everything. Differences of opinion should not be a cause for strife. If so, then someone is making a play for control.

As with so many things, love takes time. Relationships are not born overnight. When they fall apart, it is because one or both are not doing their part.

Without love, this world would be a lonely place indeed. Cherish the ones who cherish you. The most precious thing you can give someone is your heart.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

More or less

It is the little things which drive you crazy. Seemingly minor matters have a major effect. They are the difference between good and a work of art.

Attention to detail is of vital importance. The one thing overlooked could be essential for success. It might even be a matter of life and death. 

Those who care will put in the effort required. They will scrutinize their work, searching for flaws. Love adds value and its lack does subtract.

No one wants to deal with their mistakes. It is much easier to just sweep them under the rug. But eventually, they will serve to trip you up.

We have only ourselves to blame should we fail to see. Everything is right there before our eyes. The fault is our own if we keep them closed.

What is put into life can be received in return. Do less and your existence will be worth less. Those who do more will find reward beyond measure.