Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gift of the heart

Love starts with attraction. Relationships without chemistry tend to be of short duration. There must be something which brings two people together.

Feelings are merely a starting point. Easily they come, and just as readily they depart. For there to be love, you must proceed beyond such things.

It helps when you like to spend time together. The more communication, the closer the bond. If you cannot share words, how can you share other things?

Lovers will not agree on everything. Differences of opinion should not be a cause for strife. If so, then someone is making a play for control.

As with so many things, love takes time. Relationships are not born overnight. When they fall apart, it is because one or both are not doing their part.

Without love, this world would be a lonely place indeed. Cherish the ones who cherish you. The most precious thing you can give someone is your heart.


  1. Replies
    1. It is not something I expected, Tommy. But that is what makes it so wonderful. She truly is a blessing.

  2. I am very happy you two found each other Don, I sincerely wish you both the best. The gift of the Heart is indeed precious. With that gift comes a great responsibility, when two become one we have to put aside ourselves in order for love to thrive.

    1. Both people must work together to make it work, Chris. But it is truly magical when it does. There is nothing better to give or receive.