Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Active dreams

Dreams without action are mere fancies. They have no substance and go nowhere. It is only when they prompt us to do something that they have value.

It is important to dream big. However, it is also necessary to determine the steps needed to achieve your goal. Otherwise, the mountain will not get climbed.

Imagination can lead to realization, if you are willing to put in the work. Things are never as great as they appear in the mind. Be prepared to smooth off the rough edges, so the jewel can be revealed.

When we are young, we desire many things. Adults have the means to get what they want. However, responsibility dictates which methods are appropriate and those that are not.

All of your resources should be employed in any worthwhile endeavor. Hold nothing back, and you will have nothing to regret. Those who succeed, reach just a bit further.

Do not expect others to understand. They gave up a long time ago. Only what is real to you can become real: otherwise dreams wind up in the graveyard of discarded notions.


  1. I liked this blog. It was much better than last weeks!

    To be human is to dream. A dream is a wonderful thing, but to obtain it is even better. How does one obtain a dream? I'll tell you. He dares against the impossible! Why is it impossible? I'll tell you. It is impossible because everyone says it is impossible. But like you said in your blog: these people gave up a long time ago.

    Here is the truth. Every wonderful thing that has ever happened in history has always been called impossible beforehand. Every time the impossible was achieved, it was because someone dared to accomplish it. Doing so is not an easy thing, but there are some of us in this world who are willing to take actions which are not easy in order to obtain that wonderful impossibility.

    I have gladly associated myself with fine fellows who have decided to do this. We have already met with varying degrees of success. People from everywhere have turned there heads to look at us. Some smile. Some scowl. Some have asked to join us. Whatever the case may be, we have done something to cause change in the world. We have dared to do the impossible.

    1. Those who dream make the impossible a reality. But it is not enough to have a vision. You must act on it, or it will only be in your head.