Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Social creatures

Human beings wither in isolation. A social creature requires that social component to survive. Otherwise, they eventually just fade away.

Even if you do not like people, contact with them is still required to maintain one's sanity. It is a cruel fate to be consigned to one's own thoughts. You will lose touch with reality.

Having humans around is not enough. We all see plenty in our daily lives. But without any meaningful communication, one is simply lost in the crowd.

People do not make it easy to know them. This is because it is not safe to reveal who you truly are. They wind up as strangers who meet every now and then.

To open up is like spreading blood in shark-infested waters. The feeding frenzy shall commence. You will be lucky if even a shred of dignity remains.

It is a sad state of affairs that people cannot be themselves. Nevertheless, it is the world we live in. Until we learn to appreciate, it will be a lonely place indeed.


  1. Well, yes appreciation helps, but that can also be abused by some of your more unscrupulous villains. Caring about people is far better and leads to appreciation in a good sense. I see what you were trying to say though.

    1. Villains do not appreciate, they take advantage of. They are the sharks smelling blood in the water. And they are ready to feed.