Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fake prospectors

With everything we know, there is so much we do not. Making decisions based on limited knowledge is like trying to guess what a puzzle is supposed to be when most of the pieces are missing. You will most likely be wrong.

Never be ashamed to admit you do not know something. Only those who are oblivious to the obvious have cause for shame. When the truth is staring you in the face, your eyes must be closed not to see.

People with agendas will claim knowledge which is suspect. Once you pull at the loose threads, the whole tapestry falls apart. Truth is not determined, it is discovered; it cannot be decided, merely demonstrated.

Be suspicious when somebody tries to sell you anything. Knowledge is power, thus claiming to know is an attempt at asserting power over others. Some are so good at this, they can have you convinced it was your idea.

People believe what they want. Then, they amass all manner of research to prove what they already believed. Common sense takes a back seat when there is money to be had and knowledge to be claimed.

Our world is full of fake prospectors tossing gold nuggets into the water and pretending to find them. Be not deceived, they have discovered nothing. Who can claim to be wise, if they reject the wisdom of the ages?


  1. Wow! This is your best blog yet. Not only is it poetically eloquent but it is the least pretentious and the most profound. EVERY LINE was words of poignant wisdom! I cannot say more when the blog itself said it all perfectly.

    1. Sometimes, the direct approach is preferred. There are too many snake oil salesman out there. Subtlety would sound like them.

  2. You know, I do not revel in bashing your blogs. I call it based on my experiences in this life. This particular blog is really very good. The word wisdom comes to mind. However, pardon me while I skip away on a small tangent.

    One of the reasons I like the Fairyland of Baum is because everyone is honest there--even the villains. In our world, it is assumed that being an evil person is probably not a good thing, so being honest about it would cause immediate rejection from society. People here need to be snakes in order to be evil. That's why your blog has wisdom.

    Oh! What an easier world this would be if it was a Fairyland. Everything would be on the table. All the good people would see each other for what they are and then form ranks. We'd stand a fighting chance this way. Living life in this world is like living in a fog--a commonplace fog of war.

    We can't trust people, bu we can keep an eye out for the good ones. I did this, and I found some in the process. And now, we're just starting to kick the butt!

    1. Trust is something that is hard to get, and nearly impossible to get back. Those who love knowledge will always try to twist things to their own ends. Be vigilant, or be deceived.