Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good riddance

There are things we should get rid of. They will slow us down or even halt our progress. They give us nothing and spoil everything.

Pride is something to be rid of. It gives one an over-inflated sense of importance. And just like a balloon, to pop it just takes someone with a point.

Humility should also be discarded. If we do not extol our virtues, no one else will. The use of a bullhorn is not required, merely the honest statement of one's accomplishments.

Selfishness definitely belongs in the refuse pile. Focusing on yourself to the exclusion of others leads to all manner of wickedness. After all, who can judge a supreme being?

Conversely, selflessness can be just as evil. Those who do not care about themselves cannot care about others. And they so easily become the tools of those with agendas.

Indifference is the most dangerous of vices. It starts with not caring, but never ends there. Instead it regresses, until the semblance of humanity falls prey to the merest of whims.


  1. Your best blog yet! I especially love the line "And just like a balloon, to pop it just takes someone with a point." People swing from one bad extreme to another without taking the time to just do the right thing. Sincerity is the only good motive and honesty the only sound policy.

    1. It is harder to do the right thing. You have to care to make things better. And often that means doing something that will not not be beneficial in the short run...