Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Vital interests

Enthusiasm is infectious. It is the life's blood of a creative heart. Those who do what does not interest them often court failure.

Many there be who steal your thunder. Give them the chance and they will extinguish all light. The world is a dark place because they have a say.

What a person likes is not arbitrary. It reveals something about them. That which they really enjoy goes even deeper: to their very soul.

Everyone is different, so they are incapable of understanding. With so many opinionated individuals, it is a wonder they can agree on anything. Strife is born of a thirst for dominance.

Reckless enjoyment breeds chaos. Before you do anything, ask yourself if it will harm others. If not, then there is no harm in it.

Evil resides in the heart, not in the thoughts.  Instead they are the wicked fruit, born from a deeper place. Those who care will take care to sow only what they wish to reap.


  1. Quite profound! My favorite line is "Those who care will take care to sow only what they wish to reap." So true! We never stifle ourselves for the better neither do we indulge mindlessly to avail. Our LOVE and APPRECIATION are what make our interests meaningful.

    1. The difference between an interest and a hobby, is how deep the appreciation goes. To stifle an interest, is to suffocate your soul. Enthusiasm breathes life into what we do...