Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Doing and learning

There is no instruction manual for life. If one existed, it could not be relied upon. The only thing you can do is your best, and then learn from your mistakes.

Those who do not fail, do not try. Success is always just beyond our grasp. It takes that extra bit of effort to finally grab it.

Victory is fleeting. It is wise to be ready for the next challenge. And be prepared for the setbacks that are sure to come.

For all we know, we know very little. Life is always throwing us something else. Conceit reaches out and draws back a nub.

Discretion is necessary for survival. Realize you do not know everything. And understand what you do not know can kill you.

This is a crazy world. Sometimes it is all we can do to retain our sanity. It takes determination to silence the disquieted mind and calm the troubled heart.


  1. So very true on every point! I especially love the line "Conceit reaches out and draws back a nub" because its a sound warning to every little piece of meat who thinks he's more than a mere morsel.

    1. Pride steps boldly into the lion's den. All this does is leave one sated kitty. We must know our limits to be able to overcome them...