Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Something most precious

What a person loves, they will fight for. Biting and scratching cannot be ruled out in a contest of desire. Such a personal thing can be used for good or ill.

That which you love takes on elevated importance. Other things become diminished in your eyes. Time is precious, and you earnestly wish to spend it doing what you love.

Those you love are held dear. If they are in trouble, you will defend them.  No matter how troubling, they will always have a place in your heart.

Crimes of passion are the worst kind. Stymied desire begins to boil, and the resulting rage can be terrifying indeed. Possessiveness will squeeze the life out of any relationship.

Caring means not making excuses to get what you want. Matters of the heart should be handled with care. Things become unbalanced when there is more taking than giving.

Love is a wonderful thing when the self does not rear its ugly head. There is warmth to be found in a loving embrace. It is something most precious when hearts beat as one.


  1. Well, there is no reason to step all over people to get what we want. We're not animals. Goodness! We should all acknowledge that we all have things that we love and assist one another as long as that inevitable desire unquestionably will hurt another.

    Some things are like what I have said in the former. Some people really believe that a particular desire can only be quenched in one way, and that is all. This is not true. There are many outlets for this sort of things, and they can even make the world better.

    For example: There really is nothing wrong with the love for sex and violence. Simply, do not go out and perform such madness. There is no reason for it. Write a book. If a book is not enough; write two books. Rinse and repeat. Draw pictures of it. Make a movie. Enjoy it from an acceptable distance. Live the life within your imagination and bring something new into the world.

    There is never a reason one needs to hurt someone in order to accomplish something of love. As I said before, we are not animals. Animals have a tendency so crawl over each other to get to what that desire. It is very meaningless and cruel. We need to be better than them ultimately. Goodness! What have be become when we begin to mimic animals in life?

    1. Some people are no better than beasts. Just watch what they do, and you will know what they are. Having an excuse does not excuse the behavior.