Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Promises, promises

There are few things more useless than a promise. Those who get results do not bother to give assurances. The people who promise, tend not to follow through.

If someone is untrustworthy, it is best not to depend on them for anything. Do not expect their word to have any substance. The assurance they give, is merely a false hope of delivery.

People are quick to say and slow to do. Their word could not bind a puddle. So, expecting anything to come of their protestations is a long ride to nowhere.

If someone says they have changed, expect them to change back. Such do not stray from their former habits. They will return to what they were all along.

Something that is real needs no fanfare. Those determined to convince lack evidence of their claims. So, they throw words about to distract and deceive.

When light shines, darkness flees. What a person does will tell you who they are. It is telling when showing is the preference for proving. 


  1. In all honesty, promises are for children. The real grown-up world is not driven on promises. Promises are often the child-like hopes and dreams of one man who should know better. We cannot rely on the world to be so accommodating.

    In reverse, those who take promises seriously are just as equally to blame. Please, grow up. Even if the promise was sincere, you cannot expect that all things will work out as planned. It is okay to admire the good intentions, but to hold the promise to someone is silly.

    As always, do your best. Make no promises, but strive to create good in the world. Airing your intentions is fine, but don't make a contract out of it. Such things are only the silly yearnings of a child.

    1. The sad thing is that people know they cannot trust the person, so they make them promise. And then, they are surprised when that does not work out. Trust requires a little thing called credibility.