Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bruised egos

People put way too much stock in their feelings. Such things come and go, rarely ever helping anyone. When they get hurt, you end up in a world of pain.

All too often our emotions are simply due to the interaction of chemicals within. Yet, they are treated as sacred. Woe unto any who would give the ego a bruise.

Doing good is important, but feeling good is not. Expressing oneself is a form of catharsis. Take it one step further and purge yourself of these miserable desires.

Moods can change without warning. You were happy and now you are sad. It is a sad state of affairs when human beings are the victims of their own narcissism.

We need to be capable of feeling, but wise in its application. Do what is best, not what puts a smile on your face. Come down from the cloud and live to the fullest.

How we feel does not dictate who we are. The best way to deal with insults is to brush them aside. There is too much to do to worry about what anyone thinks.


  1. People who are ruled by their emotions are easily manipulated. Pride and ego blind many and will always lead them astray.

    1. We must all be wary of our emotions. They can easily be played upon and preyed upon. It is good to feel, but not wise to make decisions solely based upon our feelings.