Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trusting souls

You  cannot believe everything you hear. Those with agendas are just waiting for a trusting soul to happen by. It does not take long to convince the gullible of most anything.

Be wary of those who make emotional appeals. Real problems are rarely solved by throwing money at them. In most cases, you are just lining someone else's pockets.

The ones who cry loudest should be the least trusted. Such behavior is meant to elicit a response. Your best interests will tend to be that which most benefits them.

Those who really care will not try to manipulate you. They will cheer the good and rebuke the evil. Be ready to listen, even when they say what you would rather not hear.

The most insidious lies have the sweetest sound. Heat the water gradually, and the creature does not know it is being cooked. They season with deceit and baste with praise.

Desires are the strings used to make you dance. Want for nothing and they have no control. When the frustration comes out, their true forms will be revealed.


  1. This world is controlled by those who claim to care but only want to use us to better themselves. We can either choose to graze in the pasture that ungrateful masters provide for us or we can separate ourselves from this world and become something more.

  2. They can only use us if we let them, Chris. Cut the strings and they have no power. Do better and they will be put to shame.

  3. So really, what is the main demographic of your blog? People who have just been born? It's time to rise above all this tepid malarkey that the world has always appeared to been tethered to. If you got a talent, you go out of your way to make something of it. I'm a writer and an artist. You may be able to do something cool yourself. The world is not going to wait for you. You need to get up on that horse and go questing! Be the brightest star as you can be, because if you listen to this guy, you will just get dragged down in the mire that has held back all the peasants who ever dreamed. The world does work!

    1. The world can work for or against you. It all depends on how you deal with it. Being aware of the dangers, can prepare you to overcome them.

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