Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Real results

People concern themselves with notions that are too big for them. They are applauded for their intentions, even though the problem still exists. Real results grow closer to home.

Helping one person is hard enough. Saving the world is next to impossible. Actually achieving a goal should be celebrated, not letting one's reach exceed their grasp.

You will not be praised for doing the little things. Since there is no fanfare, they will not be noticed. Still, it is better to believe in nothing, than to believe in something and have nothing to show for it.

The praise of man is a fickle thing. One day they give you their love, the next you must take their hate. Neither one is worth living for, and certainly not worth going to one's death.

You can make things better, just by being better. Toss all the grandiose notions in the garbage can. Those you see will benefit more than the ones you may never set eyes upon.

We are surrounded by real people with real problems. Helping them is a goal that can actually be achieved. The rest is professing to care about others when the only concern is yourself.


  1. Saving the world is a fool's errand that will only lead to hardship and failure. Living to inspire the world by being your true self is a task that will be of happiness and fulfillment beyond this world. Living for praise is a fake existence that will eventually eat away until your light is dim. We are surrounded by people with real problems as you said, many of these problems are self inflicted but for the few that are genuine we should strive to inspire them to overcome and not become their crutch. Time is short and all that matters is the real results.

    1. The desire to save the world is just a desperate hope to become relevant. But since you cannot be expected to succeed, the praise is all yours for caring enough to try. Show others how to be better, and they have only themselves to blame if they do not follow your example.

  2. I am a man of Fairyland. I believe that the small things we do for one another are the most important of all. These things are deserving of praise, and such praise inspires more of these artistic assists to my fellow man. The use of one's talents for the betterment of all--even when it only seems to be for one or two--is the duty of each and everyone one of us. Fairyland is real, and we are here to support and praise each other's efforts, and like i said, such praise produces more talent.

  3. Focus on the little things, for they can bring about results. The desire to save the world brings only despair. Shine your light, and those who care will see it.