Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Face painting

To believe in someone is to put them on a pedestal. From such lofty heights, they can only fall. Do not expect them to solve the problems you alone must face.

It is wrong to expect others to live up to your expectations. If you have standards, it is all well and good. But we should never burden another with making our dreams come true.

Those who care will make things happen. Belief is not necessary, and can be a detriment. Once you no longer live up to what is expected, you will experience a precipitous drop.

People have a hard time separating what they want from what is good. We must take care of our ourselves, but do not expect any praise for it. You have merely done what was required.

Caring for others means your desires are not considered. The selfish paint their face over everything. And to be sure, their only concerns are for themselves.

One can benefit from another's example without fitting that person with a burdensome yoke. Do what you must. And leave others to do what only they can.


  1. We do not expect praise because of the side of our brain which knows that it will likely not come. This is merely a defensive mechanism; however, it is not based on anything spiritual. Praise comes from people who care, and we should expect it in a world that works properly. Yes, you may warn others not to hope for things unrealistically, but where I come from, it is expected and always will be. I am not as hurt as I used to be about it. Sometimes, I just feel I am on a different frequency. I am in a world of ghosts, and only a few people around me seem to be alive. I don't seem to exist in a realm that requires the cynicism necessary to cope with a unhinged world. Am I being defensive? Have I simply grown accustomed to dismissing the nay-sayers to protect my psyche from the overwhelming dread of this world?

    Well, if I am doing this, I am not particularly aware of it. It is an easy thing to simply reduce human beings to just living computers that can only handle what input the environment around them gives them. It is simple to say, "You are doing what you think is right, but I must inform you of the truth. You are only reacting." I don't think that applies to me. I've simply taken on the reality of Fairyland which seems to dominate all worldly powers no matter how great. If this is not true, then Donald Trump would have never made it even 10% of the way to where he is now.

    Consider that humans are more than animals stumbling through a world of terrible things. Consider that we are amazing creatures that can overcome this problems but so rarely do. And most importantly, consider that the bulk of those who did not choose well are not so much a great mass of failure but simply that they are only a single failure that has existed since Adam ate of that fruit. Those who live for Fairyland are the majority in the world because those who do not remain in their own pile and only count as a single failure.

  2. Hope can be deceiving, Tommy. People can also be manipulated thereby. It is better to concern oneself only with what can actually be achieved.

  3. To believe in someone is not necessarily setting them up to fall, we can encourage and inspire others to become great. It is important that we do not become a crutch for those who we believe in, and not to expect them to follow a certain path to fulfill our own dreams. Every person must make a choice and it must be their own. What we believe does not make who we are, our actions are all that will ever inspire through example. It is true that people have trouble separating what they want from what is good, egos drive the lost masses and lead to manipulation. Only when we free ourselves from the material world can we truly do more than what is necessary.

    1. Sadly, what people believe in they tend to depend on. And that is too heavy a burden for anyone to carry. It is better when you inspire others to carry their own weight.