Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thick skin

We all have feelings, but they must not rule us. There are those who have nothing better to do than trample on them. The more thin the skin, the easier it is to draw blood.

If something is said to be mean, it has no other meaning. And so, it can be summarily dismissed. Wipe your hands of the vicious, and cleanse your heart of their filth.

But if you simply do not like what was said, train yourself to listen anyway. There are many lessons in life, and few are easy. One must demolish the old to build anew.

Here is the distinction: was the intent to build up or merely to tear down? If the motive was destruction, they will have nothing to offer. If it was construction, they will offer of themselves.

Be leery of those who are quick with advice. They are often slow to provide any meaningful assistance. You will do the work, while they take the credit.

With thick skin and good humor, one can deflect even the nastiest of blows. Do not take yourself too seriously, but do not allow yourself to be abused. They cannot keep you down, when you have risen up.


  1. Very insightful! You turn your life's trials and tribulations into wisdom and strength. I commend you, sir.

    1. It does no use to take everything personally. Running around life like a live nerve is no way to live. You will know when it is time to take a stand.