Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some people

Some people exist to make others miserable. It is as if their soul is a black hole trying to suck all joy into the void. If they got their way, the world would be just as empty as they are.

Here is the true value of a person: would everyone be better or worse off without them? I am not advocating a purge. There are too many and it would take too long.

Some people live to make everything better. They cause the darkest clouds to part and warm the coldest day. These individuals can bring a smile to the saddest face.

Life is hard enough without someone dragging you down. No one was promised a rose garden, but who needs a thornbush?  They only exist to choke the life out of everything that is trying to grow.

The leopard cannot change its spots. Neither can human garbage become more than something to toss out before it stinks up the place. Maybe they could start a colony…

Be the one who lives to care. It will not be easy and even good people can test your resolve. But in this life there are really only two parts to play: part of the solution or part of the problem. 


  1. Indeed "only two parts to play" and only ONE of them is worthwhile! I love the line "who needs a thornbush?" I am disgusted yet still so surprised that a living, sentient being would truly wish others misery... yet they are many! Such reprobates are TRASH to be disposed of. Well said, my friend.

    1. Some people live to make everything better. They are the important ones. And there are more than you might think...