Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life and loss

Life is miserable, yet we mourn the loss of it. The death of a loved one saddens us like nothing else. It is also a sobering thought that through another’s mortality we are reminded of our own.

Denial is the first step, for we cannot accept the person has truly left us. We still expect to see them come walking through the door. Our memories are fresh, so the image remains.

It is easy to become angry at your loss and that of others. When a good person dies, the world loses something it can never get back. There is a gaping hole where their smile used to be.

Everyone grieves differently. Some are quick to shed tears no matter who is watching. Others suffer in silence, saving their sorrow for the pillow.

It is hard to be strong when others are falling apart. Some handle grief better. They are the shoulder to cry on and the listening ear.

People come into our lives for a reason. When they leave, part of them is left behind. Memories fade, but the heart will remember what time has forgotten.


  1. We strive but seemingly in vain. If it is in vain then it never mattered that we lived at all. May the passing of those who cared not prove their lives in vain.

    1. It is not vain to strive for better things. It is what keeps the world from being swallowed in darkness. If a good person dies, their life was not in vain. For the world was a brighter place for their being here.