Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sticks and stones

If man speaks from the abundance of the heart, some hearts must be wicked indeed. There are those who joy in making others miserable. If I could understand such depravity, insanity would follow.

When a person does well, they are treated poorly. Jealousy is always sticking its fingers where they do not belong. And it never learns, though it may draw back a nub.

Those who suffer are pitied, as if they would wish for others to know their sorry state. To be sure, they often encourage people to feel this way. If life is hard, false tears will do nothing to soften it.

Words can be used to help or harm. They can be instructive or destructive. A life lived tearing others down, will swiftly to ruin lead.

They, whose tongues are sharp, cannot cry foul when cut by another. Their very words will come back on their heads. Perhaps they should be granted the mercy they have shown…

Sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but words will wound the heart. Everything without could remain intact. But who can survive a spirit crushed?  

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