Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The noise of life

There are so many distractions, but sometimes we need to put our toys away. Too often, they become our lives. And we die for them just a little inside.

If what you make does not turn out well, the tools are not to blame. So, when things do not satisfy, they are not at fault. Satisfaction can only come from within.

To do nothing, is to be nothing. Even the ground we walk on has a purpose. It is a sad state of affairs when dirt is more useful than a person.

Action is required to overcome distraction. Busying oneself is the cure for boredom. Creation reverses stagnation.

Focus until the noise of life dies down. Push the chaos out, and concentrate solely on what you are doing. Clear your mind and the path will be seen.

Let the heart be your driving force. Know the joy of making instead of taking. It is better to stand than sit; better to walk than talk; and when you are living, there is no time to waste.  

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