Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Quality counts

Quality is more important than quantity. It is better to have one gold nugget, than a whole pile of useless rocks. What can be done, should be done while the sun is shining.

A gift of time need not be excessive. A few minutes spent with the ones you love are better than hours spent alone. You will have more to show and someone to share it with.

Progress is not measured in giant leaps, but small steps. It matters not how long it takes to reach the goal. So long as you are moving towards it, the outcome is virtually assured.

Life moves us swiftly downstream. Sometimes, there is not an hour to be found. But such things are made of minutes, and often the best we can do is to savor each one.

Something of quality moves slower, because it has more weight behind it. That which is cheap and easy flashes right past. And we remember it for the little it was worth.

Put your heart into that one thing, and you will be surprised at its longevity. People are moved by the craftsmanship displayed. After all, who can forget the unforgettable?


  1. Even when we feel rushed for time it's important to not get overwhelmed and never allow our quality to diminish. Any time spent creating is time well spent, progress can be as refreshing as a finished product. Never steer from your goal, push forward, and never accept anything but your best.

    1. It's amazing how much can be accomplished in a short amount of time, Chris. If you focus on what you are doing for those brief moments great things can happen. The goal is the same, it just may take a little longer to reach it.

  2. Yes, quality does count for more than quantity; however, I really do prefer a great quantity and quality! If you hone your skills enough and adapt to situations that are not producing good results, this is entirely possible. Patience is not really as much of a virtue as many people say it is. If something is taking a very long time to come into fruition, then the person should likely adapt. I will never accept "It's impossible" as an excuse.

    Remember that human beings can really do anything if they can imagine it, and it takes more than just thinking on it to make it happen, but the work must never stop, and efficiency should always be on the back of your mind. The real world does not function on logic and careful thinking; it runs on imagination; hell, the world was created by imagination itself. Don't let a cynical view of the world hold you back in any way. That's what evil people want you to think, because it keeps them in power ultimately.

    1. Quantity comes with time, Tommy. But when time is limited, you must make the most of the moments you have. You can always adapt to your situation, but it might mean producing less work at a higher quality.