Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Truly happy

Happiness comes from within. No one can teach you how to be it, nor can they dissuade one from sinking into self-pity. It is up to the individual to determine they will be happy.

There are plenty of challenges for those with a sunny disposition. The depressed will test you with their pessimism. The despairing will vex you with their cynicism.

Just because you are happy, it does not mean everything will work out. It does not prevent bad things from happening. It means no matter how bad it gets you will not let it get you down.

The wicked can never be truly happy. There is nothing within to be satisfied with. Their every day is spent hammering nails into what will eventually become their coffin.

Strive to make things better for yourself and others. Contentment should always be a temporary state. When one obstacle has been overcome, set your sights on the next.

Misery within cannot be indefinitely contained. Eventually, it will spill forth when you least expect it. Happiness is too good not to share, so spread it around both far and wide.


  1. False, false. The wicked can most certainly be happy. Why do you think they do it for? I know you add the word "truly" to it, but that doesn't make it anymore true. There is a difference between happiness and joy. Joy comes with personal accomplishment and a satisfaction in one's self. Happiness is always--I repeat--ALWAYS temporary. And honestly, happiness really is bull. Anything temporary is on a grand scale worthless.

    Personal joy is never sought for but always found when one lives his life for all the right reasons. You can be joyful while entirely unhappy. I know how that works first hand.

    Also, way to go with the cynicism again. I'm not saying you should be hopelessly optimistic, but there is enough good out there to tout so that blogs like this should not have to be written. Dear God! Do you have any idea how many other people say things like this?! I could find books from 500 years ago spouting this garbage. Give people something to believe in! Being "realistic" as they say is another way the elites of this world try to tear us down, and you are playing right into their plans!

    1. Human beings have an innate desire for happiness. Playing semantic games with the terms will not get the point across, Tommy. The wicked are never happy, that is why they are always taking their frustrations out on others.

  2. Who cares about the wicked, they will never be happy as they invest in this fleeting worldly crap. The wicked only try to consume everything in their path and make Heaven on Earth only for themselves, leaving an enslaved Hell for everyone else. To be truly happy you must invest in the spirit, feed the soul, and forget all the glittering trinkets the slave masters tempt us with.

    1. Unfortunately, the wicked live to make others unhappy. Investing in the spirit is the key to triumphing over them, Chris. Leave the trinkets for the slaves to fight over.