Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What is best

That which is best is not based on anyone's opinion. To determine the value of an action, ask yourself will things be made better or worse for it? Then, the truth shall be revealed.

Everyone likes to imagine they are good. Even reprobates can convince themselves of the righteousness of their cause. Lies have a way of becoming beliefs.

When what you do chiefly benefits you, there is something wrong with it. If public opinion is in your favor, you should beware. They have expectations for being so agreeable.

It is best to put the concerns of others before your own. Do not decide for yourself what another person needs. If you care, these things will fall into place.

Deal with your own problems first. Those who cannot help themselves cannot help anyone else. Instead, their excess baggage will drag others down.

Strive to be a blessing to everyone you meet. If they prove unworthy, it is their failing and not yours. Kick the dust off your feet and continue the quest for fertile ground.


  1. All too often people act as if their problems are everyone else's. I often find myself carrying my family's excess baggage, but I never let it drag me down, I grin and bear out of love. With strength and determination I meet each obstacle, my strength becomes others. What is best is simply the golden rule mixed with passion.

    1. People are happy to put their problems on someone else, Chris. It is easier than having to actually deal with them. When you prove to be stronger, you put them to shame.

  2. Yes, I have read this little tidbit on a pamphlet at work. "The Decision Path" is what they call it. To me it sounds like personal programming, and where a little bit of habit forming is a good thing, you cannot live a life constantly second guessing yourself.

    Sure! Care! That's wonderful. Also be truthful with yourself! Great! Wonderful! I agree with that! Convincing yourself of lies is not a good thing. But the thing is, people get hurt when good honest people who are not diluting themselves go out and act all the time. It's a big world, and there are a lot of people out there who are working against each other. These things are literally unavoidable. If you dedicate your life to avoiding them, you end up a pointless wise-man who speaks a lot but doesn't actually get anything meaningful done in his life.

    We can't life life walking on eggshells. Hell, there would not even be eggshells if people were not so full of it. We only have like 60 years to do what we have to do, and we don't have time to waste on all this modest, prudish, and vain bullshit.

    1. It is important to be clear that these things are not based on opinion, Tommy. Or else everyone will determine what is best and the worst will result. If what is done does not make things better, than it is best not to do it.