Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Creating a monster

Give one person power over another, and you have created a monster. If one can hurt others, they will. So, you should never give them the chance.

Rights are used to justify all wrongs. When someone has a right, we are expected to accept it. The concerns of the proposed victim are not even considered. 

Only when someone can do whatever they want, can you know who they truly are. Most will take advantage of the situation. The few remaining are the ones who care.

To the abuser, what they do is for retaliation. They were hurt, so somebody else must suffer. Guilt and innocence are irrelevant in matters of vengeance.

Those who treat others badly are asking to receive the same. Do not waste your time trying to get through to them. Banging your head against a wall will only make you dizzy.

Power is a fickle thing, always seeking a new master. The mighty are left to choke on the dust they kicked up. Still, there are many more tyrants waiting in the wings.


  1. Those who worship power are destined to be crushed by the next in line. Given no consequences most will surely look out for number one, but most are pawns for those in power to be discarded at a whim.

    1. And pawns are readily discarded, Chris. That is the fate of those who seek power. Their desire leads to their destruction.

  2. This blog--although true--is the result of and can cause a lot of unfortunate paranoia in people. There really are good people out there and thinking that this is something of a universal blinder. That is not to say you should be ridiculous about it. After all, there are extremes on both ends. People need to be vetted on a case by case basis.

    There are some people out there that are just as cynical as you are--and yes, you are remarkably cynical--but they are so simply because they haven't been given any reason to be otherwise. Blogs like this perpetuate their problem. The trick is not to warn everyone of the evils of the world but to simply be a light in the darkness. Once you are on a first name basis with one of them, then conversations like this can take place.

    Be careful how you speak when you are speaking to the whole world at once. You may only intend it to some, but it can be read by everyone and affect them likewise. Additionally, know your own failings and try not to give them to others. It should not be their problem.

    1. People with power are always a problem, Tommy. Some are less damaging than others. But what I said is exactly what I meant.