Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Voice of the soul

I am a writer, but also a musician. Stories focus on thoughts and ideas, whereas music is all about feelings. To perfectly capture a mood is the ultimate goal of a songwriter.

Songs are poetry set to music. Each verse is carefully constructed, so as to convey meaning while employing only the necessary words. Infuse this with feeling, and you have a work of art.

A song can tell a story, if all the right elements are in place. Stories can capture feelings, just as music does. The difference is in their focus.

Music has a beauty all its own. No words are needed to touch the soul and lift the spirit. Yet, when the voice is employed, the results are sublime.

What comes from the mouth is born in the heart.  When a person sings, they are giving voice to their soul. And that is why it moves us like nothing else.

Writers, singers and musicians draw from within, filling the world with their visions. Something is revealed in every word, note and chord. It is a symphony of prose, an adventure in verse: the melody and harmony that enriches us all.


  1. Literature gives meaning to scribble. Art giving meaning to a mess. Music gives meaning to clamor. Our lives give meaning to dust and water. We are spiritual beings and can never be satisfied unless we live spiritual lives. A love of music is a good start. A love of singing is sublime.

  2. Music is born of spirit. So, musicians are pulling from deep within. Singers put the soul into words...