Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rest easy

Sleep is not always restful. Tossing and turning gives little respite from the day. And fatigue slowly begins to set in...

With too little sleep, humans become irritable and forgetful. We need that nightly break to recharge. Insomnia is a slow voyage to an abysmal fate.

Too much sleep, and we are always tired. It is as if the body has become accustomed to doing nothing. As a result, it sinks into lethargy.

When we are unable to sleep, it is often because the mind is distracted. There is so much going on that it cannot surrender to the night. But you can only burn the candle at both ends for so long before it goes out.

Sleeping too much is usually a sign of apathy. There is nothing we wish to do, so our energy is lacking. Only the needs of the body can prompt one to action.

Rest comes easiest when the mind is at peace. Set aside your cares until the morrow. For in order to face its trials, we must renew our strength.


  1. So true on all counts! I knew a slacker who slept his days away because he "had a disease" which kept him from working... though he was young and healthy. As for myself, my woes keep me tossing and turning until even my very weariness keeps me awake.

    1. It is not always easy to rest. The cares of this life are relentless. They are constantly pushing us until we collapse from fatigue...