Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rough and tough

I have diabetes. But most people have something they are dealing with. Our difficulties are not important, but rather how we overcome them.

When things get rough, it is easy to give up. Just crawl into your blanket fort and never come out. We must stand up to our trials, and face them down.

The going gets tough, and it will be hard to get going. To prove our worth, we must rise above. Let every step be ever forward.

No one has it easy. Our problems may not be the same, but everyone has some. Only ignorance believes otherwise.

It is better to give out than to give up. If your energy fails, you bear no shame. We are only held responsible for what we can do.

I have a deadly condition, but I am not dead yet. My every day is a testament to this. Life can knock me down, but there I will not remain.

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