Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Something from nothing

Sometimes there is nothing to write about. And that is an interesting subject. Creativity is all about making something out of nothing.

Stories do not exist until someone writes them. The ideas come seemingly from the ether. And the juices start to flow.

Paintings begin with an empty canvas. Add color, and a work of art is born. This delight for the eyes did not exist before it was imagined.

Sculptures start as lumps of clay. Songs begin as a series of notes. No matter the medium, something is created to fill a void.

The materials themselves are inconsequential. Ink and paint are merely colored liquids. Notes are but sounds and clay is just another form of dirt.

An artist sees what no one else does. They pull substance from emptiness. There is a word to describe such an awesome ability: magic.


  1. Fascinating! Yes, the letter is not spirit nor is color a picture nor sound music. Our powers to turn such meaningless things into something worthwhile is magic indeed.

  2. People underestimate this ability. Things do not exist until they are made. It starts with inspiration, and that is magical...