Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What could be

There are many things wrong with our world. Creativity is the desire to make it right. Or at least make it better.

Real life is dull. Even our appreciation of the world is filtered through our desire to improve upon it. Nature is not as interesting as we imagine it to be.

The natural order is a relationship of predator and prey. Flight is preferred and fights are avoided unless you have the distinct advantage. If so, then you mercilessly slaughter the weak to get what you need.

Only man can see things as better than they truly are. At its worst, this leads to naivety. At best, it gives us hope.

In imagining, we are inspired to make better. Our creativity is unleashed, and we set our hearts to the task. Art is our blueprint to change the world.

We see what is wrong and set about to fix it. This requires imagination and introspection. It takes vision to see beyond what is to what it could be.


  1. So true on all points! Unimaginative people graze like sheep or hunt like wolves. The idealists and trendsetters are those who IMAGINE a world beyond its endless grind.

    1. It is shameful for a human being to act like an animal. We can do better, so we must. Nothing is kept from us that we imagine to do...