Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Simple joys

We all have things we look forward to. It breaks up the monotony of our daily existence. Without these thrills, life becomes an incessant bore.

Some people look forward to hearing a song, or watching a show. Others are excited to read a book or watch a movie. Then, there are those who breathlessly anticipate a certain event. Yet, that which is precious is often lost.

Life drones on and such simple joys get washed away. It does not care what you want. And thus, we are left with only what we need.

Subsistence is mere existence. It is a state of emptiness. Everything becomes hollow, as if mere props for us to enact our daily miseries.

If a person cannot do that which they enjoy, they will not last long. I have seen this happen. Without enjoyment, they just waste away.

Those we love give our lives meaning. The things we enjoy, brighten our outlook. Cherish them now, against the day of their inevitable loss.


  1. So very true on EVERY count! Funny how the littlest things really are the biggest in actual importance. The grandiose really is inflated nonsense. The little things are the precious moments with beloved people.

    1. Because these things are little, they are deemed to be unimportant. People are not ashamed to rob you of such. They even attempt to shame you for taking it personally...