Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The birth of innovation

Desperation gives birth to innovation. You cannot keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome. When reason fails, it is time to get crazy.

Creativity does not flourish in captivity. It needs room to run and space to roam free. Fear boxes you in, with crippling results.

It is not sense that must give way, but insensible restrictions. Making things requires a bit of the mad scientist. Take the bubbling contents of those vials, mix them together and see what happens.

To succeed, it is necessary to go beyond. Those who are stuck in one place, can only stare at the finish line. It will forever be kept from them.

Risks are essential, but they must be calculated ones. Know where you are going before you deviate from the path. Or else you could find yourself lost in the field to the left.

Everyone wants to triumph over adversity with their sanity intact. This would be fine, if it were feasible. But the creative process is fraught with insanity from beginning to end... and back again.


  1. Profoundly insightful. Channeling passion into a calculated madness: Wow! There is no other way to break those boundaries of timidity without getting lost!

    1. Passion properly channeled can be a potent weapon. The intensity is off the charts! What better way to remove a barrier than by burning your way through it?