Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Without hesitation

We must make our own opportunities in life. Anything that is given can be taken away. But if you create something, it cannot be taken without a fight.

Your eyes should always be on the prize. It is why you work so hard: to achieve a dream. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome through patience, perseverance and perspicacity.

The desire to succeed is not enough. One must employ all their faculties to be successful. If you hold anything back, you have lost already.

He that hesitates has failed. There are too many in the struggle to have a hope of winning without giving your all. And even that may not be enough.

If you can give up, do so now before you spend a great deal of energy for nothing. Do not be the person who wakes up one morning wondering why they ever bothered. Quit while you are behind, and learn to be content.

But if you cannot give up… if you will not relent… if you shall not back down, then fight! Charge into the fray and take no prisoners. Live without fear, love without measure, and wage war without hesitation.


  1. I LOVE the line "quit while you are behind" because it shouts what should be obvious yet missed. Yes, both feet or none. Halfway is just another nowhere.

    1. People give up too easily. If it is in you to quit, then you have already. If you cannot quit, then your course is set.