Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Know limits

I am diabetic: that is a limitation. There are many things I can do, and others I no longer should. Only by recognizing our limitations can we truly hope to overcome them.

That which does not adapt shall perish. And pride will merely hasten a trip into the earth. But wisdom sees the obstacle and plans accordingly.

One cannot pass through a wall by closing their eyes and stepping forward. Reality has a way of establishing its existence whether or not you wish to see it. The sudden, painful collision is the undeniable proof.
If you cannot go through, you can always go around, over or under. That which obstructs is stationary, thus its inherent weakness is exposed. Even if it moves, it can always be outmaneuvered.

There are things that cannot be overcome, but they are quite few. At heart, there are no limits. But what the spirit wills, the flesh cannot always supply.

I fight against my limitations, yet recognize their existence. Heart and mind must both be employed if success is to be achieved. Yes, there is a wall and it is too wide to go around and the ground is too hard to dig through. It’s time to start climbing.   


  1. So very true, on every point! I especially love the line "One cannot pass through a wall by closing their eyes and stepping forward". Ironically, that is the very way of most people. They smash their own faces and are stupid enough to actually wonder why? Why?

    1. You cannot pretend things are other than what they are. Rather, it is necessary to deal with them as they are. Triumphing over adversity, by its nature, must recognize the adverse circumstances.