Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Worth doing

I am supremely confident that I do not know how things are going to turn out. So much is out of my hands. Still, I have set my course and will see it through.

Pride believes in many things, and they are all wrong. Honesty admits there are obstacles to be overcome. But the end result remains to be seen.

Dreams keep the mind busy and give the heart a goal. I cannot say it will all amount to nothing. But even if I knew, would it not be worth the doing?

I did not set out to achieve fortune and fame. Nor did I spend countless hours only to consume it all on my own lust. I am doing what I love, and it is my earnest desire that others will love it too.

No matter what you do, pour your heart and soul into it. Quality is better than quantity, and it shows in everything. Whether seen or not, it cannot be denied.

You cannot stop doing what you truly love. It is in every beat of the heart, when you breathe in and out, the beginning and end of your days. When it goes, the soul goes with it. 


  1. So true! We can only guess what things may come but we can do what we love without knowing a thing. Yes, it is every beat of our heart if it is worth doing at all.

    1. What we truly love does not require knowledge. It wells up from within. We can't imagine not doing it.