Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sense of accomplishment

There is a sense of accomplishment in the completion of a work. The feeling becomes stronger when you think about what went into it. Hours of effort in a labor of love were required to produce the finished product.

Take satisfaction in a job well done. When you have done your best, you bear no shame. On the contrary, you are worthy of any accolades others feel fit to bestow.

Their reaction is an unknown. No matter how good your work is, that does not mean it will be appreciated.  However, it also does not mean it will be ignored.

Artists share their visions of beauty with others. They fervently hope what the eye beholds will be akin to what they imagined. Yet, we all see things differently.

Does this mean the work is a failure? No, because there are three sides to every story. The third one being the truth, opinions are set in their proper place.

Never let what a person thinks rob you of satisfaction.  Human beings esteem preferences far beyond their worth. That which is good exists without praise and will not take such vacillating concerns into account.


  1. So true! Opinions are fleeting. Only something created actually exists. I love the line "The third one being the truth, opinions are set in their proper place." Wow! I love a "kick in the balls" reality slap!

    1. I like that one, too. It really gets the point across...