Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aiming high

The one thing worth striving for is excellence. It is not something you can decide to be. Hard work will lead you towards the goal, but not necessarily to its attainment.

There are no degrees in this achievement. Something either is of that quality or it is not.  Good does not equal great, no matter what new math is used.

To excel means to go beyond. And many will see this as a threat, instead of a challenge. After all, only one can win.

Competition is healthy: it keeps everything at its best. Feelings cannot trump results. Desire is only good if it motivates you to succeed.

It is a sad fact that some fall by the wayside. Life will never be fair, and no one should expect it to. Ignoring our difficulties means never overcoming them.

Everyone struggles: some more than others. We all have obstacles in our path. Each can be passed, and one can go further to surpass until the sky is not a limit at all.  


  1. A fine blurt of brutal reality and sobering wisdom. What we want has NOTHING to do with what we accomplish unless it stirs us to action to accomplish. Even then, "survival of the fittest" has the final say.

    1. True, desire is not enough. It must be coupled with action to have any value. And then, that action meets competition...