Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Destruction deconstructed

It is easy to destroy. With the proper tools, even the tallest building can be brought down.  To build however, takes time, effort, and a creative vision.

What is this fascination people have with tearing down what others have made? They have nothing to offer, but will stomp the offerings of others into the ground. Is this born of envy or are they just plain mean?

They are quick to condemn and loath to commend. Their world must be a dark place indeed. And like a black hole, they are constantly trying to suck everyone into their nothingness.

Have you noticed that the least productive have the most advice? Those that can, do; those that can’t, criticize. And when they are gone, the world keeps turning.

We live in a cold place, and it is getting colder. It is because people don’t care. And everything freezes around them.

But there are those who still build, and even better those who build up others. Be one of them: become the warmth in a world of frozen hearts. Be the light that chases the darkness away. 


  1. So true! I have noticed that many people never want to bother contributing but love to bash those who do. Honestly, I don't understand why either. Perhaps they are simply too stupid to realize they are squandering their own opportunities.

    1. If they would only focus on their own opportunities, they would not waste time being jealous of others.