Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last one standing

Survival is all about endurance. How much of a beating can you take and still remain standing? Sometimes life packs quite a wallop, and it takes all you have just to stay in the fight.

To adapt, just means finding a way to endure. It’s all part of the fancy footwork needed to make it through. Reality has a harder time hitting a moving target.

Living takes quite a bit of stamina. When the adversity is greatest, you will find stores of energy you were not even aware of. Use them wisely if you expect to make it to the next round.

Remember, there are no rules. Life has no qualms with hitting below the belt. Take heed, lest it drop you like a sack of potatoes.

There is one way to win: endure. The world does not care if you fall. It will move your carcass to the side and carry on as if you had never even been.

Victory means standing against the onslaught. Fight for all you are worth, putting your very last breath into the struggle. If they have to take you out to take you down, then you have won.


  1. So powerfully cried from your very heart! Yes, the axiom "He who lives lives to fight another day" rings true here. Life does cheat. It preys upon our every weakness and exploits our every vulnerability. It demands our trust yet is always quick to betray. Live to fight and fight to live... and you triumph over life itself.

    1. Very true, sometimes living is fighting another day.