Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Moment of truth

There are times when you must do something, but do not know what. Lives could hang in the balance. It is better to be wrong, than to do nothing.

To be afraid is to be human. The world is a great big dangerous place. If we wait until we know everything, all we care about will be lost.

For every action, there is someone to question it. The world is perishing due to neglect. Yet, there are plenty who criticize from the safety of the sidelines.

It is not easy to be the one who steps into the fray. You are sure to take a few beatings along the way. But to turn and run is to forsake what is most dear.

We cannot prepare for every eventuality. Instead, we must be ready to do what is required. Have a plan of action, and adapt to the unexpected.

No one knows what they will do until the moment is upon them. Only then do you find out who you truly are. Some will rise to the challenge, while others fall in despair.


  1. The only way to prepare for those moments is to find yourself, to take action is to find yourself. The world is perishing as the numbers of who care enough to hold it together dwindle, but remember how much one person with gumption can change the whole world.

    1. There are still those who care, Chris. And it is amazing what a difference they make. The world would have perished if not for these few.

  2. Replies
    1. The story has already been written, Tommy. But since we are living it, we do not know how it ends. Still, our decisions will determine the outcome.